GOC Contender #27: Deborah


Name: Deborah (debhack1991)

Goals: To encourage hair growth. I hope to be able to accomplish a twist out at the end of this 6 months.

I big chopped on March 1, 2012. My hair is definitely a TWA in every sense (it’s approximately 1 1/2-2inches all over). I can’t take the weight of braids/weave in my hair, or even wigs, and it’s too short yet to twist. So, protectively, all I can do is keep it moisturized, satin pillow case/bonnet, hands out of it as much as possible.


  • Weekly: Shampoo and deep condition weekly.
  • Daily: Spritz with water/tea tree oil mix then seal with shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil mix.
  • No brushing; finger style and use wide tooth comb when my hair is wet only.
  • I will use only natural products.
  • I plan to eat healthier (both for hair and over all health benefits).
  • Exercise, drink more water, stay away from sugar and white rice/pasta as much as possible.

Rewards: Books about hair care along the way. New clothes as I lose weight from eating better and exercising.

Documenting: This is still new to me and I would like to keep some sort of journal to help me keep track of things I’ve tried and whether or not they worked.

Thank you so much Shelli for being encouraging and supportive in your posts and sharing the post of others. It’s a great help!!


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  1. Love your TWA!!! Brings back so many memories!! If I knew then what I know now…you coulnd’t tell me nuthin! Good luck Deborah, you are off to a fantastic start!


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