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You know that episode that really doesn’t move the story along? … That one that isn’t tied to the big plot of the series in any way? … But they want to air a new episode instead of a re-run? Yup, that’s what this is. My filler episode ;). So, these pics are of my still dirty hair, two days after moisturizing and sealing with Qhemet’s Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee and jojoba oil. The first two days, I made a side part and rolled the sides back into a low bun. Yesterday morning, I decided to put it into a low side bun.

It looked decent, but my hair was not feeling great. It was kind of crunchy and not feeling moisturized, despite the good lubing I gave it the other day. Couldn’t WAIT to wash it last night! So yeah, it’s clean now … but wasn’t the easiest of detangling sessions. I used the Terressentials Mud Wash for the second time and tried something new to deep condition. Buuuuuut, I’ll have to tell you all about that next episode, when we return to our regularly scheduled plotline ;).

Oh, one last thing. Haven’t done an OOTD in a while and everyone seemed to like this one at work yesterday, so figured I’d share!

The pocketed tunic dress is a few seasons old from H&M. I’ve seen this same cut in different prints in later seasons though. The leggings and long cardi are from T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s, respectively. The tissue paper turtleneck is from Kohl’s. The Joe’s Jeans booties you’ve seen many times before. I sure am making certain that I get my $120 out of these!!

Alright, gotta go! Today’s the big day for Wei and me! Our families are meeting for the first time! Goodness!! Wish us luck! It’s going to be fun *fingers and toes crossed*! LOL!

Have an awesome weekend ladies!!


What are your plans for this weekend?


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  1. First off Shelli, let me say you are working your butt off getting these GOC posts up! You need a good break. I’m sure the families meeting will go just fine. I’m so excited for you!

    Now, on to the hair. I can’t wait for you to share the new conditioner. Hurry and share! LOL
    I’m using the Terressentials Mud Wash today (Lemon). I know you didn’t pre-poo but I decided to anyway. Not for the reasons we normally pre-poo but because my hair is a tangled mess! I’ve been messing in it a lot (way too much manipulation) the past few days, twisting and un twisting. Then retwisting. Blah.

    So, my hair is really tangled and I’m finger detangling it with Vatika. I need something to provide the lubrication while I detangle so I figured this oil would be best.

    It looks like I’m in the house today. I have my son and while I took him with me to get my teeth cleaned earlier, it’s just too much to take him out of the house again. Taking him up and down the stairs is hell on the back.


    • LOL! Thanks Michelle! Yeah, I was burning the midnight oil every night prepping the posts for the next day!

      As to the conditioner, I wasn’t overly impressed and it’s one that gets a lot of hype. But, I want to try it again before I say anything. You see, I SHOULD have pre-pood for the same reason you did!! It had been almost 2 weeks since my last wash, but I thought my hair was nicely stretched and not too tangled, so I just hopped in the shower without pre-pooing, dry detangling or twisting. Ummm, yeah, shouldn’t have done that. So, I want to give this conditioner a try in my normal routine before I review it. I also didn’t follow the directions, so might try it as instructed. We’ll see. Stay tuned!!

      Can’t wait to see how you like the Terressentials. I think my hair was very fluffy and my ends that tend to fall straight after a TnC held the curl! I didn’t get a picture of the back though to show it. Now, gotta work on how I’m going to make this cheaply man!! It’s so expensive and I am just about through the first bottle after 2 washes!! AND, I diluted it!! I checked out two YouTube videos, but they used the mud wash and just mixed extra bentonite clay, aloe juice and marshmallow root extract to extend it. So, the mud wash was still required.

      Hope your day around the house was either relaxing or productive! Those are the two best things on a day home, right?


      • So I used the Terressentials and you are right….expensive for how much you gotta use! I’m writing a post but probably won’t get it up until next week because I was not able to capture pics.

        I diluted also but it was too runny that way. Gotta figure something out.

        My ends? umm yeah still not curly as I’d like. Zizyphus actually curled them better.


  2. Hey Shelli, you are working that outfit girl, and your hair doesn’t look bad at all, but I know how it is when you get that crunchy feeling. How is the mud wash going? Still contemplating on whether or not I am going to jump on this bandwagon. lol! As far as the families, they will love each other just as you and Wei, love each other. I would say good luck, but instead I will say blessings! It will go just fine!


    • Awwww, thanks Akia:)! And, I got your submission:)!! The mud wash is going well! Though, I have to admit, I didn’t experience the easy peasy detangling session everyone talks about this time! That may be because I hadn’t washed in 2 weeks though. I had a TON of shed hair. So, it definitely made it more difficult to detangle to ease out those sheds that were wrapped around strands firmly attached to my head!! But, like I mentioned to Michelle above, my hair is very fluffy and I am pretty sure I am noticing some curl enhancement on my straighter ends! So, that is exciting!! I won’t be able to show that in pictures this week, because I did a TnC instead of a WnG. But, my hair was fluffy and the curls set by the flexis on the ends seem to hold very well, even on the sections of my hair at the nape that are basically straight.


      • I am soooooo excited about this GOC!!! And to see all of the wonderful women participate and encourage one another…..shoot Shelli, yall are going to make me fly out of Michigan to attend the next hair meet up! lol!! Can’t wait to see the final results of the mud, I do see a lot of pros though, but I will wait on the final review from you. Side note…Did you watch the legend of Kora? What did you think? I miss Ang. But it was still pretty good. Keep up the great work Shelli!


  3. Love the outfit!!!! I do miss the OOTDs. I started the mud wash and I am really likening it. I am cutting back on so much product usage and this was my goal. Next time I Visit my aunt I have to go to their flagship store. If is family is anything like yours you don’t need luck!!! It will be fine!!!


    • Sorry Miche’al! LOL!! I’d either been boring or too tired to take photos of the outfits lately:). Which mud wash are you using? The LCL or LG? Or one of the others? I really thought about the Sultry Spice because it sounds like it smells good. But, thought it might be too drying.

      Oh, and the meetings of the family went very well everyone!! Thank you all for your blessings and well wishes:)!! It was a very nice and relaxed dinner and I think everyone had a really good time!!


  4. Hi Shelli,
    Your hair looks great as always! I wanted to know the difference between JBCO and regular Castor Oil? I googled info about it. Both products seem to help with stimulating hair growth. Being that I am on a budget. I am searching for the best signature natural hair products for my hair. I am kinda of tired of sampling different hair products. Have a wonderful enjoyable weekend with your families:)


    • Thanks Timber!! The family get together went very well:).

      JBCO is of a thinner consistency than regular castor oil, has a nutty smell and is translucent brown in color. This is the article I read comparing castor oils that made me opt for JBCO over regular castor oil:

      I definitely prefer it to regular castor oil. The regular castor oil is thick and tacky and JBCO has a lighter consistency. I mix it with EVOO now to stretch it and it still works very well. Makes my hair soft and silky and doesn’t leave it oily. It seems to absorb with no greasiness, just softness is left behind.


  5. I’m trying to hear about this mud wash and condish post! Fill us in! ‘m having a great weekend so far. Church was fab and then had dinner with friends. Good times πŸ™‚ I’m sure tomorrow will be great for you and your S.O.’s families. πŸ™‚


    • It was yesterday M and all went very well! The mud wash and condish post is coming … probably late in the week though:). Got to get the rest of these GOC posts up first:). Happy to hear that you are having a great weekend!! Wooh-hooh for fun, family and friends;:!!


    • Those ARE cute!! Ok, if you order them, you have to come back and tell me how they fit/feel. I’m too old to be playing with shoes that hurt my feet anymore!! LOL! So, I have to have some assurance that they won’t draw blood!! LOL!!


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