GOC Contender #25: Mennia


Name: Mennia

Goal: Hair – My current length is shoulder length. My hair goal is armpit length.; Health & Fitness – As for my weight goal, I would like to lose 30 lbs and get down to a 28 inch waist.


My hair regimen is crazy. Here goes.

  • I wash weekly to bi-weekly. My shampoos varies each time.
  • I condition with Herbal Essences or Giovanni (or other products).
  • I then detangle with a wide tooth comb and deep condition with Shea Moisture’s deep treatment.
  • After I rinse out conditioners, I use Kinky Curly or another leave-in conditioner that I comb through my hair using my denman brush (geez that’s a lot *lol*).
  • Lastly, I use one of my many creams and oil to seal my hair to style bantu knots.

I am in the process of working on a short hair regimen that doesn’t require my normal 2-3 hours. However, I am still a beginner to this (BC Sept. 2010) and would appreciate any help.

Health & Fitness
My workout regimen involves:

  • 3 days of 60 minute strength training.
  • 2-4 days of cardio for 40 minutes.
  • I am also on a low carb program.

Reward: I currently don’t have one for my hair. For my weight, I would like to do 5 pull ups :).

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  1. Your goals make me so excited! They mirror mine exactly, lol. My name is Gwenda Mayo. I am contender #8. I think I may take a page out of your book and try your weight control regimen! Good luck on your journey Mennia!


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