GOC Contender #21: Mrs. Chris


Name: Mrs. Chris

The first picture below is my hair in September 2009. I decided on my birthday to stop applying heat. The second picture I attached was my hair in April 2011. This was the first time that I had applied heat to it since September 2009. I only applied the heat for a length check. I am going to apply heat in May. My son graduates from High School and he received a full ride scholarship to play football at the University of Eastern Illinois. So, I am going to reward myself and see how much growth I have gained since April 2011 on this special occasion. He wants to see how long it is too! *lol* I will apply heat at the end of this challenge for update purposes.

September 2009

April 2011


Bra-strap length (wet), Mid-back (straight). I have a thin spot on my left temple that I am going to focus on regrowing and I want to thicken up my hair. My hair has never been permed. I am looking for any suggestions to help with my problem areas.

Health & Fitness
Current weight is 135 lbs; Goal is 125 lbs.



  • I currently deep condition with heat three times a week; I use Dabur Vatika Naturls Nourisment Hoil Oil Deep Conditioner.
  • I use my version of the KimmayTube Leave-in conditioner.
  • I seal with JBCO.
  • I live in West Texas, so my hubby put a filtered shower head in our shower. I have to say for those with hard water, I believe it is essential to have, let me repeat, ESSENTIAL!
  • I co-wash if I exercise, which has been every day since I joined a weight loss challenge at work.
  • I spray my hair with distilled water (don’t forget the hard water problem I deal with) in the morning before I apply my leave-in.
  • I have been wearing a wig as my protective style. However, I do wear my natural hair on the weekend if my husband and I do something special.
  • I will usually wear a braid out after a wash. When I wear my natural hair out, I put Kinky Curly Curlying Custard on it.
  • I sleep with a satin scarf and satin pillow case, actually two. I roll around when I sleep.

Health & Fitness

  • I exercise everyday on my treadmill at home. I have some hand and leg weights I use while I run on the treadmill and I always run at least 30 minutes. I have always run at least 2.5 miles each day.
  • I use my exercise ball to do 100 sit ups with my arm weights and leg weights. I do some other ball exercises also.
  • I do 100 jumping jacks each day and I usually do 50 jumping jacks and 50 sit up in the morning and evening.
  • My hubby has a habit of smoking, but only outside. So ,when he is having a ciggy, I jump rope. I’m trying to get him to quit, but that is a challenge of its own ;-).

Reward: I am going to have to think about this.

Documenting: I will write in my journal/diary at home.


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