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GOC Contender #25: Mennia


Name: Mennia

Goal: Hair – My current length is shoulder length. My hair goal is armpit length.; Health & Fitness – As for my weight goal, I would like to lose 30 lbs and get down to a 28 inch waist.


My hair regimen is crazy. Here goes.

  • I wash weekly to bi-weekly. My shampoos varies each time.
  • I condition with Herbal Essences or Giovanni (or other products).
  • I then detangle with a wide tooth comb and deep condition with Shea Moisture’s deep treatment.
  • After I rinse out conditioners, I use Kinky Curly or another leave-in conditioner that I comb through my hair using my denman brush (geez that’s a lot *lol*).
  • Lastly, I use one of my many creams and oil to seal my hair to style bantu knots.

I am in the process of working on a short hair regimen that doesn’t require my normal 2-3 hours. However, I am still a beginner to this (BC Sept. 2010) and would appreciate any help.

Health & Fitness
My workout regimen involves:

  • 3 days of 60 minute strength training.
  • 2-4 days of cardio for 40 minutes.
  • I am also on a low carb program.

Reward: I currently don’t have one for my hair. For my weight, I would like to do 5 pull ups :).

GOC Contender #24: Marsha


Marsha has been going hard with me since the CurlyNikki presents Kim Coles GOC! So happy to see my Blog Buddy (trying to coin a new term;) back for GOC: The Sequel!


Name: Marsha

It’s here once again…the GOC (Grow Out Challenge) by Hairscapades, which runs from April to September. This is my hair challenge entry and continuation from GOC Part Uno.

So, to start off, I straightened my hair and did a trim. Not the best flat ironing, because my hair was still quite poofy.

My slowest growing spots are my bang area and my crown (on a comeback from a setback). I can’t seem to get my bang hair to grow much past my chin.


  1. Continue using Terressentials Mud Wash every wash day. My wash days usually varies depending on the condition of my hair and mood. I prefer washing every 4 to 7 days. When my mood changes, it might be less. Then again, it might change now since the TMW experiment. We shall see….
  2. Limit heat as much as possible. Incorporating more tension method blow-outs (cool settings) for the stretched look (I hate the shrink beast). Abstain from using the flat-iron again until completion of challenge.
  3. Avoid high ponytails and hairstyles that put too much tension on my hairline/edges.
  4. Continue my protective styles/updos.
  5. Henna once a month.
  6. Deep condition 1-2 times a month.
  7. Finally, not stressing over my hair (LOL, that’s a challenge on its own).
  8. Trimming as needed, doing search and destroy method (split ends and single strand knots aren’t my friend).

Reward: Not sure yet. Actually scratch that; growth, health and growth shall be my reward.

Follow me online: 24hourhair.wordpress.com (Hairology)

Happy Growing Ladies…

GOC Contender #23: Ruthie


Post cut

Name: Ruthie.

I am currently in the process of transitioning from heat damage. I cut the damaged ends of of my hair recently. The pictures attached are pre and post-chop.

Goals: My hair is currently shoulder length. My ultimate goal is waist length. But, in 6 months I would like to be at armpit length. Now, I am not sure of my current weight, but I might be ranging from 210-220. My goal in 6 months is to lose 30 pounds. I really believe that I can attain that goal.



  • Co-wash weekly with Aussie Moist.
  • Deep condition weekly with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque (I would definitely say that is a staple product for me).
  • Bi weekly, shampoo with Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Shampoo (I have a bottle of Terressentials MW that I am going to try to incorporate in my regimen and perhaps replace the shampoo).
  • On my shampoo day, pre-poo with olive oil mixed with rosemary essential oil.
  • Nightly, I mist my hair with distilled water and apply Vatika Coconut oil and aloe vera gel (both staples) to my hair.
  • Hmmm what else … I also use the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque as a leave-in.
  • Every other day I oil my scalp with Jamaican black castor oil (a definite staple).
  • I plan on adding scalp massages to my regimen. I hear great things about them.

Reward: I plan on treating myself to Jeffrey Campbell and Betsey Johnson if I do achieve my goals. I heart shoes!!! Lol.

Follow me online?: I definitely want to document my hair journey as I overcome heat damage. So, I do see a blog in the future.

Lastly I would like to say that, when I discovered Hairscapades, I had a hair revelation!! So thanks Shelli, I absolutely adore your blog!

GOC Contender #22: Michelle aka Shellie


Name: Michelle, but my family and friends know me best as Shellie.

I decide to do this GOC because I wanted to better understand my hair without going all over the map with different products.

Goals: My goal for this challenge is to love my hair and to get my edges back; I have no idea where they went. My current regimen is to read CurlyNikki or Hairscapades blogs and see what they’ve tried and try it.


  • I wash my hair every Friday.
  • I co-wash with Aussie Moist and, on the days that I need to cleanse, I use Bentonite Clay, which I truly love.
  • My leave-in of choice is Kinky Curly Knot Today.
  • I seal with Vatika coconut oil and twist with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.
  • I also focus on my edges with Jamaican black castor oil.

I look forward to seeing how baby girl’s (my hair’s) attitude is by our 3rd anniversary this May.

Set Guard over my mouth, O Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips. Psalm 141:3

GOC Contender #21: Mrs. Chris


Name: Mrs. Chris

The first picture below is my hair in September 2009. I decided on my birthday to stop applying heat. The second picture I attached was my hair in April 2011. This was the first time that I had applied heat to it since September 2009. I only applied the heat for a length check. I am going to apply heat in May. My son graduates from High School and he received a full ride scholarship to play football at the University of Eastern Illinois. So, I am going to reward myself and see how much growth I have gained since April 2011 on this special occasion. He wants to see how long it is too! *lol* I will apply heat at the end of this challenge for update purposes.

September 2009

April 2011


Bra-strap length (wet), Mid-back (straight). I have a thin spot on my left temple that I am going to focus on regrowing and I want to thicken up my hair. My hair has never been permed. I am looking for any suggestions to help with my problem areas.

Health & Fitness
Current weight is 135 lbs; Goal is 125 lbs.



  • I currently deep condition with heat three times a week; I use Dabur Vatika Naturls Nourisment Hoil Oil Deep Conditioner.
  • I use my version of the KimmayTube Leave-in conditioner.
  • I seal with JBCO.
  • I live in West Texas, so my hubby put a filtered shower head in our shower. I have to say for those with hard water, I believe it is essential to have, let me repeat, ESSENTIAL!
  • I co-wash if I exercise, which has been every day since I joined a weight loss challenge at work.
  • I spray my hair with distilled water (don’t forget the hard water problem I deal with) in the morning before I apply my leave-in.
  • I have been wearing a wig as my protective style. However, I do wear my natural hair on the weekend if my husband and I do something special.
  • I will usually wear a braid out after a wash. When I wear my natural hair out, I put Kinky Curly Curlying Custard on it.
  • I sleep with a satin scarf and satin pillow case, actually two. I roll around when I sleep.

Health & Fitness

  • I exercise everyday on my treadmill at home. I have some hand and leg weights I use while I run on the treadmill and I always run at least 30 minutes. I have always run at least 2.5 miles each day.
  • I use my exercise ball to do 100 sit ups with my arm weights and leg weights. I do some other ball exercises also.
  • I do 100 jumping jacks each day and I usually do 50 jumping jacks and 50 sit up in the morning and evening.
  • My hubby has a habit of smoking, but only outside. So ,when he is having a ciggy, I jump rope. I’m trying to get him to quit, but that is a challenge of its own ;-).

Reward: I am going to have to think about this.

Documenting: I will write in my journal/diary at home.