GOC Contender #20: Randi


Name: Randi Darden

I am a 20 year old junior attending college in the DC area. I came across the GOC challenge on FB and would like to participate.

In November 2008, my senior year of high school, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I started my chemotherapy and radiation treatment in December 2008 and finished my treatment May 2009. Before cancer, I always had a perm from age 7 to age 17. By the time I was 17, my hair was about 2 inches above my bra strap (with a perm). As soon as I started treatment, I had my mother BC my hair for me because I didnt want to have to deal with the trauma of waking up to a wad of hair on my pillow. She cried, but I felt very free *lol*.

Anyway, it’s been 3 years since I’ve been off of treatment and I last had a perm. I’ve embraced my natural hiar and I love it!!! Right now, my hair is at 13 inches when I straighten it (just reaching armpit length) and, when it’s in its curly state, its about chin length.

Goal: My goal is to get my hair to be bra strap length or 18 inches when I straighten it and below or at my shoulders in its curly state. I have been keeping a written journal since October 2011, when I actually learned how to take care of my hair with blogs like yours, CurlyNikki, and BlackgirlLongHair. I plan to keep doing so throughout the challenge (I am not a big blogger/vlogger).

My planned routine starts with my diet first.

  • I have eliminated all junk foods and fried foods.
  • Started cooking with olive oil.
  • No more sodas at all.
  • I’ve been taking vitamins as well.
  • Also, I exercise an hour 2-3 times a week, when I can.
  • As for the hair, I’ve eliminated sulfate shampoos except for when I have really bad build-up.
  • I DC once a week.
  • I do the Curly Girl method (a modified version) throughout the week (every 2-3 days, it just depends).
  • Then, I twist most of my hair up, pin it and rock a curly-looking half wig as a protective style.
  • I also do a 2 minute keratin treatment every 2-3 weeks just to strengthen my hair and
  • I do search and destroy trims.

That’s one thing that I would like to work on is the split ends as well as the building up of moisture in my hair. Also, I’ve become sort of a product junky, not too bad though. I’m just trying to see what really works for my hair.


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  1. God bless you Randi!. I also went through that ordeal in 2009 but luckily the chemo they used didnt cause my hair to fall. (I was told that at the beginning of my treatment)
    Hope we can reach our goal in the GOC. 🙂


  2. My Love you are so strong, I remmember reading lauren Mcdaniels books when we were in middle school and we used to cry over the characters and their sickness, little did we know what life had planned for us. You are so strong, & im sure alot of girls see you as a role model….Love you !


  3. Your strength is amazing and with your continued positive attitude, you will be able to achieve ALL your goals…good luck Randi!


  4. Thank You so much everyone but it was only through the grace of God and the strengh and dedication of my Queen Mother who never left my side the whole time ❤


  5. You are just truly a testament to what God can do!!! You are so beautiful and I know this inspires us all. May you continue to receive the Blessings the Lord has for you and best wishes in achieving your goals. 🙂


  6. God Bless you! You look gorgeous with short hair! I saw the photos before I read your story and i thought you did it as a style change. Well, I wish you continued blessings in the future. God Bless!


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