GOC Contender #19: Kendall


Name: Kendall

I love my hair and it loves me back! I’ve been natural for about 12 years now. One day I just woke up and got tired of chemicals and perms and decided from that day forth that I was not going to do it anymore and it’s been that way to date. Although I am an everyday wig-wearer, my real, natural hair is taken care of faithfully underneath my “accessory.” I always concentrate on my ends and keeping my tresses well moisturized. I make sure my scalp remains healthy as well. My hair literally adores water and warm steam from the shower. My hair currently is past-chin length (front), armpit length (sides); mid-back length – an inch and a half under my bra strap  (back).

Weight. Oh hum! Oh brother! I’ve always been a big-boned and tall girl. Is that a good start (excuse)?!? Being an overly-busy single mommy to four kids, a lot of times, I find it hard to control my eating habits. Let me keep it all the way real and just translate that into stress! I tend to be a big-time emotional eater too, so that does not help matters. On top of the other bi’gillion responsibilities and things that I have to get done in one day, some nights I find myself eating dinner at 11:30 p.m.! That is a no-no and has to stop. My body is also sending me messages that it cannot hold up all 280+ pounds (current weight – 287 lbs.) of me. So today, I am coming from behind the veil to face that fact that my weight is really unhealthy and I’m changing it, now!

Goals: Hair – Continue to concentrate on the health of my hair. I’m not pressed for length but instead with the health of my tresses. If it continues to get longer, great!; Health & Fitness – Lose between 40 – 50 lbs. Work on toning my arms and thighs, lose inches on both.



  • Continue my no-heat and finger detangling only, no combs or brushes policy.
  • Co-wash at least once a week.
  • Bi-weekly, Friday-Sunday deep conditioning sessions.
  • Henna twice per month.
  • Moisturize hair nightly with Vatika Oil, JBCO, EVOO, Mega-Tek and my absolute favorite Mahabhringaraj Herbal Hair Oil.
  • Monthly protein treatments (Aphrogee 2-min.).
  • Continue taking Biotin-5,000 mcg pd, and hair, skin, and nails vitamins.

Health & Fitness

  • Go to the YMCA gym 3 times per week (treadmill, elliptical and weights)
  • Walk around track (3x) 2 early mornings out of the week
  • Monthly weigh-ins only, as opposed to daily and stressing myself out more that way.
  • No ground beef, at all!
  • Moderate baked chicken.
  • Mainly eating fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Cut back/out all sugar, processed and packaged foods. Sad face. Yes, I am even giving up my daily, and sometimes nightly, Dunkin Donut runs! Their coffee is like crack to me, so ‘dis righ’chere is something serious. *Cries, kicks rocks*
  • Minimal bread; if any at all, it must be low carb. What?! No bread and butter?? Wheat, multigrain and fiber bread only.
  • Portion control and track calories using My Fitness Pal.
  • Nothing to eat after 7 pm with the exception of fruit.
  • Keep a journal so that I can tie my emotions into why/when I feel like overeating.

Reward: When I lose the 50 lbs, I plan on going on a shoe shopping spree and of course a lot of new outfits to go with them.

Follow me online: www.girlvsgirdle.wordpress.com  (It’s still in the beginning stages, but my blog will be up and running soon. It’ll mainly deal with my weight loss, but I’ll throw in my other life’s thrills as well.)

Pre-poo Prep


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    • Hi Tyra. Thank you for the compliment. I wear wigs mainly because that is my “protective style.” Up underneath my wig(s) my hair is either twisted, box-braided, or bantu knotted. The wigs certainly give my hair the deep conditioning heat that it needs. I started wearing wigs while doing plus-sized print modeling – – and the hairstylists were very brutal on the other models’ natural hair, so uhm err they hated me because I would not let them touch my natural hair. “Give me a wig and ya’ll can burn that up but not my natural hair!! Got it? Good!” LOL. On top of that, I wear wigs because my schedule is so busy…I don’t get to tend to my hair until late at night. Last Easter Sunday, I was in church and deep conditioning at the same time, sure was, all my hair stuffed into a plastic cap w/ product in it, wig cap and then my wig! Rinsed it out after dinner. So my hectic schedule plays a part too.


  1. Hi Kendall, Love your hair!!!!! I’m doing the challenge too…I wish you much luck with the weight loss…Make small changes, it helps.


  2. lol@dunkin donuts being crack to you because that’s my grande soy chai with whip from Starbuck to me!!!! Good luck in achieving all your goals!


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