That’s a euphemism for procrastinating … because I still haven’t washed my hair! I know, right? OMGosh … well, it’s because of my goal to get 5 GOC posts up every day! I hope that you are enjoying our participant entries as much as I am! I love to read them and, of course, look at the pics (in fact, that’s what I always do first … scroll past the write-ups to the pics! LOL!!)! There are so many beautiful and sweet women with great energy. I hope that you find their stories and journeys inspirational and motivating! Please comment and rate when you can to show them your support! I know commenting is a PAIN from a mobile device (frickin’ long a@#% Captchas! *lol*), but rating, liking or sharing takes a single click (I think ;))!. I know that they will really appreciate your feedback, because it helps to keep you going when you know someone is rooting for you :). “And that’s all I have to say about that.” *lol*

In regard to my dirty hair, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it for work. But, last night I had to do something, because it was feeling dry and crunchy! Though the mix of fake Infusium, aloe vera juice and jojoba oil really helped pump of the volume of my twist out, I think the aloe also leaves my hair dry after a day when used with a watery leave-in. So, I did some temporary remediation by heavily moisturizing and sealing.

I whipped out the Qhemet Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee, which has been pretty blah for me and I went to town! The jar is almost done and I won’t be re-upping as I wasn’t really impressed with it. It worked fine, just nothing for me to write  home about. Since it’s neither locally available (meaning, within a 15-20 minute drive) nor cheap, I won’t be repurchasing. I am interested in trying one of their other butters though. I just can’t remember which one someone recommended to me since my hair is fine and easily weighed down. I think it was the Burdock Root. We’ll see.

So, after heavily moisturizing my hair with the water-based Cocoa Tree DG, I applied jojoba oil to seal, because I wasn’t able to get my hands on my JBCO! My little repurposed bottles were all empty and I really thought I had run out of it! I was like, “What the frick?! How did I let myself run out of JBCO?” But, I didn’t. After I applied the jojoba oil, I started digging under my sink and found a half-filled bottle. But, definitely have to hit the BSS to stock up … I’ll buy 3 or 4 bottles as I have to get it from a store that is out of my way and about 30 minutes from my house. And, for JBCO? I’ll travel, because that is definitely one of my holy grails!

Now, in regard to this dirty mop? I think I’m just going to wait until Friday night to wash my hair … well, if it isn’t a mess when I figure out what to do with it today. Who am I fooling? It’ll probably be in a bun. Anywho, Wei and I are getting our families together for the first time on Saturday!! Our best friends are also coming!! So, I want fresh hair and figure that I might as well just wait until Friday to wash it now. I think I’ll actually do a TnC for the first time since January!! I could really use a henna/indigo treatment too, but I’m not making any promises about that one!

Okay! That’s it! Hope that you enjoy all of the GOC Contender posts today!!

Lata Gatas!!


 How do you “stretch” your style/hair when you don’t have the time, desire and/or energy for wash day?


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  1. I feel you on the dirty hair. Well not really LoL. I washed mine this weekend but I have gone weeks because I just didn’t feel like it.

    I stretch my hair in a ponytail or bun. Because my hair is pretty straight in most places, it stretches easily. Just that dang crown!


  2. The infamous bun is my “go to” when I just can’t spare the time….although lately I have been rockin’ a fierce fedora that makes even the dirtiest of hair look fab!


  3. Just a note on availability of products. I live in the Bahamas, where aloe vera grows all over, most people have a plant growing in a pot on their porches for medicinal purposes and hair treatments. On top of that castor plants grow all over, many Haitians that live here in the Bahamas sell jars of this through out the islands. Pure, unrefined castor oil is 5 minutes away for me. But I can’t get henna or half of the stuff mentioned on hair blogs.

    I definitely understand your love with the castor oil. Henna is part of my holy grail products, so I get having to “travel” (2 weeks shipping plus customs duty) for what you like!


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