GOC Contender #12: Krystal


And here’s Krystal, back for Round Two of the GOC!


Name: Krystal

I’m so ready for Round Two!!!


My hair is halfway between shoulder length (SL) and arm pit length (APL). My GOC goal is to reach APL by the end of this GOC and I’m confident that I will reach my goal. I think my hair was just barely shoulder length when we started round 1 of the GOC and I have no reason to believe that I will not achieve that same amount of growth in the next 6 months.

Health & Fitness
Now that I’m 100% healthy, I’m looking forward to reaching and maintaining my weight loss goals. I’ve been hovering around 150 lbs for a while. My goal is to get down to between 140-145 lbs. I think it’s quite doable as I have incorporated juicing into my diet as a meal replacement and my foot has healed up nicely. I ran my first half marathon in late March since 2009. I’m also looking to make permanent changes to how I eat as I have a really bad sweet tooth that needs to be curbed. This is a time of discipline and new habit formation for me.

Hair Regimen:
Not much has changed since my last update. I still use Terressential Mud Wash to clean my hair and my hair still loves it. In between mud wash cleanses, I co-wash with whatever is in my shower (DevaCurl One Condition or Herbal Essence Hello Hydration) and seal with almond oil or mango butter. While I haven’t done a henna treatment in 6 weeks, I plan to work it into my schedule soon, because I’m overdue :-(.

One new addition to my regimen isn’t a hair product, but a new shower head. I purchased a shower head that filters out chlorine and other things that my hair and skin hate. It took a few weeks to notice, but my skin is loving the change. I went to work the other today without putting on lotion and my skin wasn’t ashy. I would never have made it through the day without lotion using a regular shower head. I can only imagine how my hair will react in the long-term.

My biggest challenge is that I still need to add more hair styles to my repertoire and figure out how to best work with my fine-textured hair. Instead of thinking of it as styles that I can’t do, I think of it as styles that I haven’t yet discovered; gotta keep it positive. I’ll be posting more videos to my YT channel as soon as I perfect a few more styles.

Follow me online: Kaligirl1980 (YouTube Channel)


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