Luke James. Recognize.


If you don’t know, now you know. LOL! Wei popped Luke James’ debut CD in my car about a week ago, I guess. I’ve been killing the album daily. And this song … this song right here? Played it on a loop for at least an hour of the two hour ride home from my Trenton office today. This joint is so hot … nah, let me stop talking. Listen to it yourself.

The boy ain’t hard on the eyes either *fanning self* (he does look a bit like Kanye at some angles though!)!! Hmmm … Wonder if Wei can hook it up for him to sing at the wedding as this may have to be our other song ;). LOL!!


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  1. He croons ALOT on stage but ole’boy can sing! He opened for Estelle at World Live Cafe last month ….If he sings at your wedding, make certain not to request the *extended party version* or else no one will make it to the reception! LOL!


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