GOC Contender #7: Miss Leah


And next up is Miss Leah, another one of our returning first round GOCers!! If you remember, she recently shared the “recipe” for her perfect TnC.


Name: Miss Leah

GOC Part Deux
It’s here again. Shelli is bringing back the GOC for the second time. I had planned to keep going with it anyway. I straightened my hair last night to see where I will be starting from and was pleasantly surprised. The back of my hair has grown but the front has grown so much and its much more noticeable! Here are my comparison pictures for July 2011 to March 2012:


March 23, 2012

July 31, 2011

March 23, 2012

Goals & Regimen:

Health & Fitness
Loose 15 lbs. With warm spring weather here (WELCOME SPRING), I will begin running outside. Cheaper than a gym :). I’m also looking into getting some Kettelbell weights to tone up. I will be limiting my sweet intake to weekends only. MORE SPINACH during the week and more veggies/fruits and only drink water. Also remember to take my multi- vitamin DAILY.

Reach waist length by the end of the year. If not waist, I want to get pretty darn close to it. I need to get back to protective styling. My hair gets so dry in the summer, so I’m looking for some new styles with low manipulation. Also looking for a new leave-in conditioner. I’m researching how to make my own using raw Shea butter and essential oils. I know my strands need to be moisturized more than what I’ve been doing (I’ve been slacking so much on moisturizing that my hair felt like STRAW).

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  1. Beautiful hair!!! I love the Spring and exercising outside as well. Nothing beats the outdoors!!! Wishing you the best in achieving your goals.


    • Thank you Margaret! Now only if this jacked up weather would cooperate then I could keep up the routine. But it keeps fluctuating from 80 degrees to 20 below zero lol!!! Until then Ill be working out to videos in the house 🙂


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