GOC Contender #6: TerrificLady


Name: TerrificLady

I am 51 years old living on a Dutch island in the Caribbean called St. Maarten (Tourist Destination). I am originally from another Dutch island called Curacao. So, am I African-Dutch:)? We simply call ourselves Dutch or Antillean Dutch.

Goal: My hair length is not on the chart, because its very short -a little over 4 inches. It’s 1 inch away from the tip of my nose. The two pics below are from February 4th, when I did my BC. My last relaxer was the beginning of July 2011. I left some relaxed hair in front, however I decided to keep cutting it off bit by bit. This is my second attempt to go natural. The first time, it lasted only 4 months when I decided to relax my hair. My goal is to reach 8 inches.


  • I wash my hair sometimes once a week, other times twice a week, with Castille soap mixed with any Vo5 or Suave conditioner.
  • I use virgin coconut oil, Cantu Shea Butter leave-in, pure shea butter, castor oil and Olive Oil hair lotion.
  • I also use a conditioner I make myself.

Since I have gray hair (started when I was 21), I dye my hair. I have been using Naturtint for the past 4 years. I want to stop and use Henna after learning about Henna on a website.

I have a big problem styling my hair with it being so short. This is the first time in my life that I have had short hair like this. If I am not planning to leave my house, I simply wash and air dry. I tried to roller set my hair with small size rollers. I could not get it properly on the roller, so I gave up on that. Then I learned about flexi rods. I am using some green flexi-rods now and my hair comes out pretty decent, small curls.

I also take vitamins. Besides taking Centrum A to Z all these years, I now take the hair, nail, skin vitamin. I don’t have a problem with the growing; it’s just that I want my hair to grow fast.

Rewards: I would like to search for and buy the best flat iron there is. So far I have a Hanna 100% ceramic flat iron in mind. We’ll see.

3/18/12 flexi-rod set


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