Missed Wash Day


Sorry, it’s the boring bun again ladies :(. I used the Spin Pins on big twist-out hair that I volumized again for Easter Sunday. I tried to do that Southern Tease bun that CurlyNikki posted last week on the flatter twit-out hair, but it just wasn’t happening!! It wasn’t full enough to hold the shape, I guess.

Therefore, my standard bun is in effect. I didn’t get to wash my hair this weekend as it was a busy one. Wei and I hung out with the Sci-Five on Saturday during the day, went to the city to see the screening of a documentary created by several of his friends in the evening and headed down to my folks in south Jersey for church and dinner on Easter. We didn’t get back until late last night and I HAD to start getting the GOC posts together.

I do need a wash as I have some flakiness from re-applying the BB Flax Gelee. That stuff works fantastic for smoothing and holding my edges, but repeated applications of wet gel over old dry gel seems to cause flakes. So, I’m hoping to wash tonight with the Terressentials Mud Wash. I’d like to do a heavy duty protein treatment, but know that won’t happen. So, I’ll just use the ApHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor (I need a good, pretty natural protein conditioner – or recipe – that I can find on the ground. Any suggestions?). After the protein treatment, I plan on deep conditioning with a mix of Shea Moisture, baby bananas, honey and EVOO. From there, we’ll see how it goes.

Alright, gotta go! Hope that you enjoy the GOC posts today. We have some new faces and some old! Hope that those who are participating are doing well so far! I’m really struggling with the exercise thing, so I need a foot in the butt on that one. But, it’s coming. The plan is to work-out as soon as I get home tonight and then wash my hair. No excuses!!


How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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  1. Happy belated Easter to you and yours. I attended a packed Easter Sunday morning service, and was glad I did because of the good message. Have you tried the egg, honey, oil, and mayonnaise or yogurt protein treatment?


    • No, I haven’t. I haven’t done an egg or mayonnaise treatment since I was in HS!! They always made my hair hard, so I didn’t like them! Now I know why and what to do to combat the hardness though! You got an exact recipe? Do you like this? Thanks Marsha!


  2. Happy Easter love! Your hair looks sooo cool in that big ole bun! About the protein – yesterday I did a protein treatment… 2 eggs… Honey.. Evoo… And cheapie conditioner… It’s not like aphogee but strengthens my hair just the same… Maybe u can try that for a fix every now and then. Also hey Fran hey uses a protein conditioner from Aubrey organics… She talked about it in her products video..

    Oh and plain Greek yogurt is a great one as well – check out nap85 vid on it.



    • Hey Em, thanks for the recommendation! I think Aubrey GPB is the protein one … I can’t remember if I saw that at my local health food store a couple of weekends ago. They definitely have Aubrey’s though. Thanks for the recommendation! I “heard” about Naptural85s yogurt conditioner, but have never looked into it. I’ll check it out! I’m liking a single ingredient protein conditioner!!


    • Yup, that’s the GPB! I read that post on BGLH a while ago and that’s why I’ve used the ApHogee. But, it seemed to me that some have temporary success (meaning, from wash to wash), with homemade protein conditioners too. So, I thought a natural one might be a good interim treatment:)! I do want to try the GPB though!


  3. Shelli, I think I shall call this one the Maggie Simpson bun! How did you get it to stand up? It is massive. Massively beautiful, but massive nonetheless! LOL


    • I’m definitely going to watch this soon Bri! Thank you for the link!!! You saved me having to search for it (and others too, I’m sure;)!! You’ll have to let us know how it works out for you when you try it! Are you using the 2 step or the 2 minute ApHogee treatment? I’d love to know how you think the natural protein treatment compares!


    • SFB, once a week usually. Sometimes I’ll go up to two weeks, but don’t like to go more than that. Now, is this Shay or her husband ;)? And, I don’t think hubby has ever told me his name and I didn’t find it on your “About Me” page either.;)).


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