GOC Contender #5: Margaret


Name: Margaret

Goals: Length goal – Waist Length (Current length is just below BSL, close to MBL). Declutter and Cleaning 2012, reclaiming healthy eating and continuing my current exercise routine.



  • Finger detangle and pre-poo with coconut oil/Vatika oil 24 hrs, or no less than 30 minutes, prior to wash.
  • Wash with heavily diluted Lemon Coast Terressentials Hair Wash or Terressentials dupe using Rhassoul Clay (Fri).
  • Modified co-wash with Giovanni 50/50, AOHSR or Tresemmé Naturals (Tues or Wed).
  • Deep condition with body heat or heatcap for 45 min. to 2 hrs- (Giovanni SOS, Aubrey Organics HSR/White Camellia or Jessicurl WDT).
  • Last rinse with cool water.
  • Apply modified Kimmaytube Leave-in-using Giovanni Direct Leave-in or 50/50 Conditioner mixed with Hempseed Oil, AVJ, JBCO and Cocasta Shikakai Oil.
  • Braid hair into 6 braids, sealing ends with KBB Butterlove and allowing hair to air dry.
  • Seal ends nightly with homemade shea butter mix.
  • Search & destroy and trim as needed.
  • Finger detangle, comb and style (use comb for parting only).
  • Protective styling: Plan to decrease the number of braids from 8 to 6. Would also like to try new styles, as I am style challenged :(.

Would like suggestions regarding co-washing more. 


  • Henna
  • Ayurvedic Mask (Brahmi, Amla, Brhingrag mixed in conditioner)

Daily supplements

  • MSM, Biotin-1000mg
  • Swanson’s HSN
  • Fish oil or Cod liver oil (undecided on which one)
  • Zinc-5 mg

Spring Cleaning 90 Day Challenge 2012:

  • Release negative beliefs, toxic people, clutter, junk, etc.
  • Eat more fruits (less sugar free candy).
  • Drink 64 oz of water daily.
  •  Exercise 6 days per week for 1.5 hrs with additional 2 nights of stepper, zumba or low impact aerobics.
  • No eating after 5pm.

Reward: Since this is from 4/12 to 9/12 and my birthday is in October, I will reward myself with something special, however undecided. Possible vacation.

Documenting: I do not have a site, however I will keep a journal and record regularly.



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  1. I was thinking just what the other ladies are thinking. Your hair has to be the most beautiful I’ve seen to date. Boy, I think you’re my new hair crush!!!

    I know that everybody’s hair is different but I’m about to pick up your hair regimen to see if I can get my texture to pop like that 🙂


  2. Gorgeous healthy hair! I think you should re-think your reward, a reward for the challenge and still a gift to yourself for your bday, why limit the self-giving?? Good luck in your goals!


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