GOC Contender #3: Kristina


Name: Hello, my name is Kristina.

Goals: My hair is currently a little above armpit length and I would love to grow it out to bra-strap length. I am currently a model between Washington DC, NYC and NJ. I do a lot of hair campaigns in which I’m always getting my hair straightened or blown out. My goal is to not use heat on my hair unless I’m shooting for an ad or magazine and only if I’m asked to.

Co-wash every week in four braids and oil rinsing before I do so. Finger detangle under water with conditioner. Seal ends with olive oil or any essential oils (rosemary, coconut). Detangle, set in braids, flexi rods or Bantu knots. Every two weeks, repeat regimen adding in the Tightly Curly Method using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration or Aussie Moist condish. Also, I’m going to start experimenting with more protective styles (Goddess braids, high buns,updos and/or weaves/wigs).

Rewards: I think I’ll reward myself with splurges ^_^ (designer bags/shoes, beauty products, evening out or saving money for a vacation)!

Follow me online: ksbbombshell.blogspot.com

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