GOC Contender #2: Tiffany


Tiffany from the Second Wave of the first GOC is back for the sequel, giving us a status update on the last few months as she continues to work towards her goals (see here)!


Name: Tiffany

Hey! It’s been so long. Well, I was straight from Black Friday 2011 up until March 9, 2012. After my Thanksgiving hair breakdown, I started going to the local hair school, Empire Beauty School (I’m sure there
is one in every city). I was getting a wash, blow and flat iron for $5.00 and, I repeat, $5.00. These people are students, I know, but they can stand for a tip or two about natural hair. The first time I went, I got the student who didn’t feel like comming to class. I got a blow dry from hell and it took forever to flat-iron. Not to mention all the tugging and pulling. Detangling? Yeah right. I could hear the *snap snap* of my strands as she brushed and blow dried. The worst. It would have been much easier if I would have done my own hair. I didn’t see a wide tooth comb in the place. But I did get a little trim and was a little above bra strap length.

I started going back to the gym in March after my gym class instructor did a drive by to my cubicle to see if I was still breathing. She said, “Tiff, you must not have any vacations planned, huh?” ‘Cause, that’s usually my motivation. Long story short, she was concerned and wanted to encourage me to get back in there. Also, my sister just had the Lap-Band and, when she told me how little she will be, it motivated me not to become the “fat twin” and I got back in there. My straight style lasted about 2 days of gym session and it was a wrap after that.

I washed it and I just bunned it all that week. I tried to do a wash and go using KCCC and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie from a video that found on YouTube. The results were cool, but this won’t become a staple in my style collection. I got two strand twists on March 17th and did the ApHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment 
and a deep conditioner prior to my appointment. The braids are really tight; I feel like I have an instant facelift. I didn’t think she was going to make them as small as she did. But. I’m not complaining until it’s time to take
them out. I feel better about myself now because my hair was letting me have it. When I put the braids in, my hair was arm pit length.

I haven’t gained or lost weigh. However, my waste system has been giving me trouble. I tried ZUMBA and I really like it. Also, I went rock climbing with my hubby on our February date night it was really an expierence. That’s
pretty much my update.


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  1. Your hair looks so luscious, healthy and silky! I could never go to a hair school to get my hair done! You are very brave because the first snap I hear is the first “Slap” of the comb/brush outta their hand lol. Keep up the good work


  2. So let me get this right…you went back to have your hair blown out and flat ironed, paying $5, after having a traumatic experience with the student who didn’t want to be in school?


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