GOC Contender #1: StayWoo


Alrighty now! Time to get this thing started! Hopefully, all of you started April 1st and weren’t slackers like me;)!! I’m going to do things a little differently this time and post all of the Grow Out Challenge (The Sequel) submissions separately, rather than in groups of five on one post. However, still going for five a day. And our first contender is …


Name: StayWoo

Goals: My hair is currently APL in the back and SL on the sides. My bangs, which I now regret cutting, are chin length. My goal is to grow the fullest part of my hair to BSL by the end of this second challenge. Cross your fingers and hold your breath!

I have stopped mini-twisting/long term protective styling my hair, because I end up taking them out in less than ten days (eczema). I have begun washing and going for the past two weeks and that seems to work better for me. I still do not manipulate my hair too much.

I co-wash my hair Sunday and Thursday with Rosemary/Mint Condish(Suave Naturals) and condition with Almond/Shea Butter condish (Suave Naturals). Then, I use my LIC (my adaptation of KimmayTube’s), Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue, and then EcoStyler Gel (argan), in that order. Once my hair is dry, I “scrunch the crunch” using Proclaim Natural 7 Oil. I don’t use any more products on my hair (with the exception of gel when styling) until I co-wash again. When I deep condition, I use a number of different products ranging from moisturizing to strengthening. It depends on how my hair feels. Every other month, I trim my ends (I might go every three months for this challenge).

I sometimes veer from my regimen depending on how busy I am. I work out from 2-4 times a week and so I may co-wash more or less frequently. I usually “listen” to my hair.

Reward: If I reach my goal, I will allow myself to get a mani/pedi and a massage. Both of which I NEVER do…well, not usually.

Follow me online: Granolaheads2010 (YouTube Channel)

Thanks and talk to you later!


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