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GOC Contender #5: Margaret


Name: Margaret

Goals: Length goal – Waist Length (Current length is just below BSL, close to MBL). Declutter and Cleaning 2012, reclaiming healthy eating and continuing my current exercise routine.



  • Finger detangle and pre-poo with coconut oil/Vatika oil 24 hrs, or no less than 30 minutes, prior to wash.
  • Wash with heavily diluted Lemon Coast Terressentials Hair Wash or Terressentials dupe using Rhassoul Clay (Fri).
  • Modified co-wash with Giovanni 50/50, AOHSR or Tresemmé Naturals (Tues or Wed).
  • Deep condition with body heat or heatcap for 45 min. to 2 hrs- (Giovanni SOS, Aubrey Organics HSR/White Camellia or Jessicurl WDT).
  • Last rinse with cool water.
  • Apply modified Kimmaytube Leave-in-using Giovanni Direct Leave-in or 50/50 Conditioner mixed with Hempseed Oil, AVJ, JBCO and Cocasta Shikakai Oil.
  • Braid hair into 6 braids, sealing ends with KBB Butterlove and allowing hair to air dry.
  • Seal ends nightly with homemade shea butter mix.
  • Search & destroy and trim as needed.
  • Finger detangle, comb and style (use comb for parting only).
  • Protective styling: Plan to decrease the number of braids from 8 to 6. Would also like to try new styles, as I am style challenged :(.

Would like suggestions regarding co-washing more. 


  • Henna
  • Ayurvedic Mask (Brahmi, Amla, Brhingrag mixed in conditioner)

Daily supplements

  • MSM, Biotin-1000mg
  • Swanson’s HSN
  • Fish oil or Cod liver oil (undecided on which one)
  • Zinc-5 mg

Spring Cleaning 90 Day Challenge 2012:

  • Release negative beliefs, toxic people, clutter, junk, etc.
  • Eat more fruits (less sugar free candy).
  • Drink 64 oz of water daily.
  •  Exercise 6 days per week for 1.5 hrs with additional 2 nights of stepper, zumba or low impact aerobics.
  • No eating after 5pm.

Reward: Since this is from 4/12 to 9/12 and my birthday is in October, I will reward myself with something special, however undecided. Possible vacation.

Documenting: I do not have a site, however I will keep a journal and record regularly.



GOC Contender #4: Adrienne


And here’s Adrienne, another returning contender from the Second Wave of the first GOC!


Name: Adrienne

GOC Part Two? Count me in! Since the first challenge ended, I was still sticking with my regimen, but this fresh challenge will help keep me on track and help me monitor my progress.

Recently I trimmed my hair, maybe losing about half an inch all over (sometimes it feels like I’m working backwards and moving away from my goal). Sometimes a trim is just necessary and I’m always amazed at how

better my hair behaves post trim. With the last challenge, I discovered that my hair does best when left
alone, so I try to look for styles that I can wear for a week at a time, but still easily moisturize and seal. Since my trim, I’ve been wearing a lot of WnGs and I love the ease of the style, even though I’m not sure if it counts as protective (feels like over manipulation sometimes).

I’ve been cowashing every other day, because I’ve been working out a lot. With the way I sweat, I definitely need to rinse my hair afterwards. I’ve noticed that, with co-washing, my hair does seem to stay moisturized longer. If I’m not wearing a WnG, then I’m wearing two strand twists pinned up, high buns and the occasional twist out.

I’ve been trying to use up products lately, so I’ve been feeling the urge to play in my hair more. But, despite the manipulation, my hair is doing really well. I think that’s due to the fact that, for an entire month, I lived as a vegan and I really saw a difference in my skin and hair! Then again, I was also drinking more water and eating less junk, so that probably played a factor too. Plus, I made an investment in a hair steamer. Either way, it really got me thinking about how we treat our body on the inside and how that reflects on the outside.

Goals: Last time around, I aimed for shoulder length hair, and reached that length in the back but not the front. This time around, I’m aiming for past the shoulders in the back and shoulder length in the front. Ideally, at the end of the challenge, I’d love to be APL … but, I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed!

Follow me online: naturalembrace.blogspot.com

GOC Contender #3: Kristina


Name: Hello, my name is Kristina.

Goals: My hair is currently a little above armpit length and I would love to grow it out to bra-strap length. I am currently a model between Washington DC, NYC and NJ. I do a lot of hair campaigns in which I’m always getting my hair straightened or blown out. My goal is to not use heat on my hair unless I’m shooting for an ad or magazine and only if I’m asked to.

Co-wash every week in four braids and oil rinsing before I do so. Finger detangle under water with conditioner. Seal ends with olive oil or any essential oils (rosemary, coconut). Detangle, set in braids, flexi rods or Bantu knots. Every two weeks, repeat regimen adding in the Tightly Curly Method using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration or Aussie Moist condish. Also, I’m going to start experimenting with more protective styles (Goddess braids, high buns,updos and/or weaves/wigs).

Rewards: I think I’ll reward myself with splurges ^_^ (designer bags/shoes, beauty products, evening out or saving money for a vacation)!

Follow me online: ksbbombshell.blogspot.com

GOC Contender #2: Tiffany


Tiffany from the Second Wave of the first GOC is back for the sequel, giving us a status update on the last few months as she continues to work towards her goals (see here)!


Name: Tiffany

Hey! It’s been so long. Well, I was straight from Black Friday 2011 up until March 9, 2012. After my Thanksgiving hair breakdown, I started going to the local hair school, Empire Beauty School (I’m sure there
is one in every city). I was getting a wash, blow and flat iron for $5.00 and, I repeat, $5.00. These people are students, I know, but they can stand for a tip or two about natural hair. The first time I went, I got the student who didn’t feel like comming to class. I got a blow dry from hell and it took forever to flat-iron. Not to mention all the tugging and pulling. Detangling? Yeah right. I could hear the *snap snap* of my strands as she brushed and blow dried. The worst. It would have been much easier if I would have done my own hair. I didn’t see a wide tooth comb in the place. But I did get a little trim and was a little above bra strap length.

I started going back to the gym in March after my gym class instructor did a drive by to my cubicle to see if I was still breathing. She said, “Tiff, you must not have any vacations planned, huh?” ‘Cause, that’s usually my motivation. Long story short, she was concerned and wanted to encourage me to get back in there. Also, my sister just had the Lap-Band and, when she told me how little she will be, it motivated me not to become the “fat twin” and I got back in there. My straight style lasted about 2 days of gym session and it was a wrap after that.

I washed it and I just bunned it all that week. I tried to do a wash and go using KCCC and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie from a video that found on YouTube. The results were cool, but this won’t become a staple in my style collection. I got two strand twists on March 17th and did the ApHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment 
and a deep conditioner prior to my appointment. The braids are really tight; I feel like I have an instant facelift. I didn’t think she was going to make them as small as she did. But. I’m not complaining until it’s time to take
them out. I feel better about myself now because my hair was letting me have it. When I put the braids in, my hair was arm pit length.

I haven’t gained or lost weigh. However, my waste system has been giving me trouble. I tried ZUMBA and I really like it. Also, I went rock climbing with my hubby on our February date night it was really an expierence. That’s
pretty much my update.

GOC Contender #1: StayWoo


Alrighty now! Time to get this thing started! Hopefully, all of you started April 1st and weren’t slackers like me;)!! I’m going to do things a little differently this time and post all of the Grow Out Challenge (The Sequel) submissions separately, rather than in groups of five on one post. However, still going for five a day. And our first contender is …


Name: StayWoo

Goals: My hair is currently APL in the back and SL on the sides. My bangs, which I now regret cutting, are chin length. My goal is to grow the fullest part of my hair to BSL by the end of this second challenge. Cross your fingers and hold your breath!

I have stopped mini-twisting/long term protective styling my hair, because I end up taking them out in less than ten days (eczema). I have begun washing and going for the past two weeks and that seems to work better for me. I still do not manipulate my hair too much.

I co-wash my hair Sunday and Thursday with Rosemary/Mint Condish(Suave Naturals) and condition with Almond/Shea Butter condish (Suave Naturals). Then, I use my LIC (my adaptation of KimmayTube’s), Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue, and then EcoStyler Gel (argan), in that order. Once my hair is dry, I “scrunch the crunch” using Proclaim Natural 7 Oil. I don’t use any more products on my hair (with the exception of gel when styling) until I co-wash again. When I deep condition, I use a number of different products ranging from moisturizing to strengthening. It depends on how my hair feels. Every other month, I trim my ends (I might go every three months for this challenge).

I sometimes veer from my regimen depending on how busy I am. I work out from 2-4 times a week and so I may co-wash more or less frequently. I usually “listen” to my hair.

Reward: If I reach my goal, I will allow myself to get a mani/pedi and a massage. Both of which I NEVER do…well, not usually.

Follow me online: Granolaheads2010 (YouTube Channel)

Thanks and talk to you later!

Missed Wash Day


Sorry, it’s the boring bun again ladies :(. I used the Spin Pins on big twist-out hair that I volumized again for Easter Sunday. I tried to do that Southern Tease bun that CurlyNikki posted last week on the flatter twit-out hair, but it just wasn’t happening!! It wasn’t full enough to hold the shape, I guess.

Therefore, my standard bun is in effect. I didn’t get to wash my hair this weekend as it was a busy one. Wei and I hung out with the Sci-Five on Saturday during the day, went to the city to see the screening of a documentary created by several of his friends in the evening and headed down to my folks in south Jersey for church and dinner on Easter. We didn’t get back until late last night and I HAD to start getting the GOC posts together.

I do need a wash as I have some flakiness from re-applying the BB Flax Gelee. That stuff works fantastic for smoothing and holding my edges, but repeated applications of wet gel over old dry gel seems to cause flakes. So, I’m hoping to wash tonight with the Terressentials Mud Wash. I’d like to do a heavy duty protein treatment, but know that won’t happen. So, I’ll just use the ApHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor (I need a good, pretty natural protein conditioner – or recipe – that I can find on the ground. Any suggestions?). After the protein treatment, I plan on deep conditioning with a mix of Shea Moisture, baby bananas, honey and EVOO. From there, we’ll see how it goes.

Alright, gotta go! Hope that you enjoy the GOC posts today. We have some new faces and some old! Hope that those who are participating are doing well so far! I’m really struggling with the exercise thing, so I need a foot in the butt on that one. But, it’s coming. The plan is to work-out as soon as I get home tonight and then wash my hair. No excuses!!


How did you spend your Easter weekend?