I just love the versatility of natural hair. I was especially aware of it this week when I went from twists to a tame twist-out to a huge twist-out and back to a twisted-bun in less than 24 hours without washing my hair or using any heat and with minimal product, time and effort.

(I used a sock bun in the last two pics)


Do you find your natural hair versatile? Do you prefer to stick with the tried and true or are you a switch up artist?

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  1. Natural hair is definitely more versatile but I have been struggling with trying new styles. I don’t think my hair is full enough to look good in a lot of the styles that I like. I really want to try some flat twist and cornrow updos. My schedule has been bananas lately and having a style that would last at least a few days would be a life saver. However, I feel SO uncoordinated when it comes to doing my own cornrows and flat twists. I will get it someday. =o)


  2. Switch up artist raising hand 🙂

    I get bored mainly though. I think that’s the real reason. When i see others hairstyles, it inspires me to do different things. That’s why I created my YouTube hairstyle stalker video LOL. I stalk people for styles.


  3. Shelli ; I not your friend. LOL……

    I am borrowing Your hair style, sitting under my heating cap doing adeep conditioning right. Now.

    I will take pictures and post.I love looking at the rest of your hairstles. Thanks for all the great ideas you have posted.


  4. Oh I love that Last one too with the blue and green ribbon..have to check out material store or walmart for more. Hair accessories.


  5. I’m currently transitioning, so styling can be difficult. Right now, I’m sticking to my tried and true roller set styles. I can do them very easily, even with half natural and half relaxed hair. I do however, find that the fullness of my natural hair gives me nice, huge buns and ponytails. I love that!


  6. As always, Shelli, I love your styles! I agree – natural is much more versatile and fun. I usually stick to the same styles but for the past couple weeks I’ve had to switch it up and wash more than once a week due to all my running. Still figuring out how to manage my hair and running…


  7. As always, Shelli I love your styles! I agree – natural hair is much more versatile. I usually stick to the same styles but due to all my running lately I’ve had to wash more than once a week, so I’m constantly messin with my hair and I don’t like it!


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