Technical Difficulties … Please Stand By


… and the mighty power of the natural hair blogger.

Okay, not really. I’m just tired y’all!!!! LOL!! I have TONS of GOC submissions, several guest features and a few hairstories waiting in my e-mail for you. So, if you’ve sent me something, thank you and don’t worry. I probably have it as there are about 60 flagged e-mails in my inbox!! But, I was just soooo exhausted after getting home from work at 8 p.m. after sitting with a regulatory proposal for 3 hours. I just couldn’t. My mind was shot and I only had enough in me to reply to comments and create a Facebook album in response to concern that I have heat damage from getting my hair pressed in February. I wanted to to demonstrate why I don’t believe that is the case as my hair is pretty much the same as it always has been, though longer.

As I indicated in the comments on Terressentials Mud Wash: The Newly Initiated, my nape hair is fine, of thin density and almost straight.

The crown is the curliest part of my hair and the curls in the lower half of my hair are significantly looser than the top due to over-zealous hennaing in 2010. I also experienced “The Great Shed of 2010,” which I attribute to an allergic reaction to amla. So, I believe that my “new growth” is denser than the length of my hair. Finally, when you add in my shorter crown area, I have an irregular perimeter that forms an inverted “W” if I let my hair do its own thing. Anywho, the album was to show the difference in textures and my fine/low density nape. Now that I think about it, I’ll have to take pics of showing the length of my crown area hair compared to the sides and middle nape. So, ultimately, I don’t think I need a cut to get rid of heat damage. I do need a trim to bring my longest lengths a little closer to my shorter. But, I will not be evening my hair out as I’m still testing the Chicoro Lead Hair Theory.

Now, back to the “non-technical” difficulties;). I hope to put together a couple of the GOC contender posts for you guys tomorrow and throughout the rest of the week. However, I’m not sure when I’ll get in tonight as I’ll be heading to a Brooklyn High School to be a guest at a Natural Hair Workshop. I hope that goes well!! I’ll take pics and, you know, in a month or two, I’ll do a post about the event;)! LMBO!!

Okay, that is all. Gotta do my Abs of Steel and then get ready for work. The exercise routine has also been a mess and a struggle. But, I’m determined to get it back together as I have a goal and great motivator coming up this summer, which I’ll share in my own GOC submission!

Lata Gatas!!

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    • Hi Maryiln, it’s the Grow Out Challenge:). There is a GOC tab at the top where you can see the home page and the acronym is spelled out. Also, if you go to the home tab, one of the drop downs is a “Lexicon.” I try to list all the regularly used acronyms there. Hope that helps!


  1. Shelli you should have told me about the workshop in Brooklyn. I would have come to support! you know I’m in lower manhattan during the week!

    You’re so funny. Thorough yet. I can’t believe you dedicated a whole post and a FB album to prove you don’t have heat damage LOL most of us know that. But I guess this is good blog food 🙂

    I’m still not ready to cut my longest length yet. I’m waiting to see if removing the comb from my regimen will make a diff. in my crown catching up. We’ll see!


    • That’s what I was thinking Michelle … that this would be a good topic to explain how different things can contribute to the appearance of one’s perimeter. Heat damage can definitely be to blame, but so can breakage, excessive shedding (like I experienced or post-partum), the curl loosening powers of henna;) and different textures. How many of us have continued to cut on one area swearing we had relaxer left or heat damage, only to realize that part of our hair just refuses to curl like the rest because it has a different texture? So, I just wanted to demonstrate how I have diagnosed my own hair in hopes that it’ll help someone else consider all the factors that may play into the appearance of their hair.

      As to your longest length, hey, you took it up not that long ago. So, I think you’re good for a few months. As you work on your crown, you may decide to do the same as me, try to keep the longest part at the same length to see if the crown is retaining length and will catch up or is continuously breaking. I know I’ve gotten length in that area, but know I’m still getting some breakage. But, I think the protein is really helping and that I now have all the elements of a strong and balanced regimen. Guess we’ll see if I’m right in the next year;)!


      • Shelli the good part is even if you aren’t right your hair is still thriving ! LOL
        The one thing I’ve never had issues with is shedding. It’s always been very low. I don’t even think I get the standard 60 hairs a day but I am definitely concerned about this crown.

        I loved that post on detangling by the way. I gleaned a little knowledge from each of those videos!


  2. I just want to clarify that I wasn’t trying to vilify anyone here, because heat damage does exist. Also, I think frequent use of heat can be damaging to many people’s hair and I know that I’ve caused it before by repeatedly using a flat-iron on “dirty” pressed hair. I also know that I am more susceptible to heat damage, when heat is used improperly, due to my fine and porous strands. But, I just wanted to explain why I am saying my current ends situation is not heat damage and the factors that I know contribute to the appearance. That being said, I know the perimeter ain’t cute! LOL!! So, that’s why I’ll be getting a trim. However, I won’t “big chop” as I wear my hair up the majority of the time or disguise the ends with TnCs. I’m treating my thinner ends like someone who is transitioning. And just like someone who is transitioning, the longer my “new growth” gets, the more noticeable the difference between the fuller, curlier hair and the wavier/less dense hair. So, I plan to gradually “grow out” the over-hennaed ends and trim the longest parts to even them out a little and get them closer to the crown (though not a lot, maybe 2″). Then, I plan to keep the longest part at the same length by trimming every 2 months or so. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll be close to full thickness at waist length. We’ll see.


  3. Shelli,

    I am continuously impressed with your thoroughness and overall knowledge of your hair! I have stalked your pictures and printed your posts on certain subjects (henna*, pre-poo, etc) and have learned alot about my strands through your process of discovery. Truthfully, wished you were a more steps ahead of me as I most certainly would have avoided alma altogether and minimized the full-strength hennas! But, I digress….

    I especially appreciated the time you invested in your recent FB post as I believe that the additional explanation, complete with pictures – lol, might help someone else avoid an unnecessary BC or possibly worse ~ an unnecessary confrontation with the alleged heat-damaging perpetrator. lol

    With that being said, owning a public blog will also attract those with varied opinions and those with varied knowledge ~ sorta just comes with the territory. But, at the end of the day, if the majority of those hitting your blog are growing (no pun intended) in knowledge/awareness and able to glean tidbits of helpful information, I’d say your time is well spent! I am so appreciative to fall in the category of those that have benefited from your efforts and thoroughness to detail.

    Thanks for doing what you do for the natural hair community!


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