Hair Wars


Unfortunately, the hair war is nothing new 😦 … but at least this battle was entertaining!!

And the funny thing? None of the “Wannabees” have straight hair! They all look like naturals with stretched styles! LOL!

THIS was my School Daze JAM though!


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  1. This movie was released when I was in my mid-teens anxiously preparing for University and while I loved the movie, songs, actors, and message, I kept thinking to myself, “I guess I’m in the group with ‘bad’ hair”, not a good thought to say the least. It wasn’t the 1st time I heard the phrase before, as I was told consistently when I was young that my hair was ‘bad’ and the only ‘good’ thing about it was its’ length and thickness. Fast forward some twenty plus years later and I adore my 4abc hair, but still every once in a while, I find myself wanting and lusting after your smooth and shiny locks Shelli. I think woman need to understand that you can love what you’ve got naturally and still admire someone else’s locks even if it’s a different texture.It’s funny b/c my looser texture, which I describe as 4a, is probably 3c, but does not grow as fast as my 4b/c texture fibers. Real talk, once I learned how to handle my 4b/c it grows like weeds in fertile soil.


    • Yeah Miche’al!! Get it;)! LOL!!

      NG, I’m totally with you!! It sounds like you have hair that I lust after …. thick, big, coily!! I agree that we can love what we have, but still admire someone else’s head of hair. I mean, seriously, when I go to pinterest and see the hair boards? I lust after a new head of hair every 5 minutes! It’s all in how you look at it! I still enjoy my hair immensely, but that’s not to say that I don’t fantasize about other hair that is very different from my own;)!! I did my twists on Sunday, and I was thinking of Mwedzi and Cipriani how I wish I could have twists like theirs! LOL! But, it’s all done with a healthy dose of self-love;).


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