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Terressentials Mud Wash – Marsha’s Experience


And here is Marsha’s Final post on her experience with Terressentials Mud Wash. Check out her site to see her other posts about Terressentials and how she decided to use it!


After using the TMW for three days in a row, I can now give my honest and final review.

So before I started to use the product, I decided not to do the total seven days detox session. I actually did two days and thought that was it, however, I decided on day three and final day to complete detoxing. I wanted to straighten my hair and do a proper trim prior to starting the second round of the Grow out Challenge with Hairscapades. I wanted to eliminate the use of a leave in conditioner, but only using grape-seed oil to lock in moisture and prep for straightening. I used the Lavender flavor for the third wash.


The Lavender flavor reminded me of a male’s cologne, meaning it had a very strong smell. The Left Coast Lemon flavor was very lemony, giving it a very refreshed scent which I…

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Terressentials Mud Wash – Rece’s Experience


Okay, so I’m planning on trying the Terressentials Mud Wash (TMW) this weekend and have been avidly reading and viewing Rece and Marsha’s experiences with it. I was out to dinner late with one of my favorite people of all time and didn’t get around to writing or re-posting any new “articles.” So, today I’m just sharing what I’ve been reading to prepare for my first go with the TMW. I don’t plan on doing the full detox, but rather am going to only wash weekly as the folks over at Terressentials told Rece that you should follow your normal wash schedule and the daily detox is for those who generally wash their hair daily. So, here is Rece’s final post related to the TMW and you can visit her site to read her day to day results during her detox.

A Hair Story...

Imagine my surprise when I saw that The Terressentials Team commented on my THW Cult – Day 4 post!

I’m not sure how they located me, but I’m glad their comment was very informative and didn’t bash me for calling them a cult (out of love, of course!) LOL.

The comment read as follows:

The Terressentials team says:

Hi! Hope you all don’t mind the Terressentials team jumping in here with some quick advice? If you don’t mind, please note that our Hair Wash instructions do suggest using any of our USDA certified organic Anointing Oils, Cremes and/or butters at any time to assist with moisturizing hair and/or scalp that suffers from dryness due to previous damage from foaming detergent/surfactant products, and/or styling or coloring or perming chemicals. (see numbers 1 & 2 in the Hair Wash instructions)

Here’s a tip from our instructions…

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