The Big Surprise!!


I got a big surprise this past Saturday. My sisters and aunt threw a surprise birthday party for my 40th! My middle sister, Sheri, called me on my birthday and mentioned that a neighbor was having a get together on Saturday night. She said that I should come down if I wasn’t doing anything and that she would text me the details later. Then, she lured me with the promise of a birthday cake if I showed.

On Friday, she texted me that my niece had two piano recitals on Saturday, so I should plan on meeting her and my brother-in-law at the house at 9 pm. She added that she still had to find a dress and that it was cocktail attire. I told her that I had to check with Wei, but I would let her know. Immediately thereafter, I started bemoaning the fact that it was a dressy event when I expected it to be casual. I also began to really debate whether I felt like going (you see, I’m a total homebody). However, I also started suspecting that a plot was afoot;).

So, on Saturday, it was hair washing day and I decided to do a normal wash with DevaCare No Poo, rather than the Terressentials Mud Wash. I figured it was better to err on the side of predictability rather than experimenting and ending up looking like “who done it and what for.” However, by the time I was done pre-pooing, shampooing, doing a 2 minute Keratin treatment, deep conditioning and styling, I was rushing around trying to get dressed, put on make-up, pack an overnight bag and get out of the door for the hour plus drive.

We left 15 minutes later than I had planned and then had to turn around because I forgot my engagement ring on the sink (it snags in my hair when trying to finger-comb, so I tend to remove it)! I just couldn’t go without it! So, we ran back to the house and Wei grabbed it . As I waited in the car, I texted my sister that we were running 30 minutes late and that we could meet them at her neighbors. She said that they would wait for us. So, as we hit the road again, I expressed my suspicions that we were heading to a surprise birthday party as it didn’t make sense to me that my sister would wait for us when the affair was next door. Wei acknowledged my words, but didn’t really say much of anything.

An hour later we pulled up in my sister’s drive way. Now, my suspicions were that the party would be at the neighbor’s house. So, I was caught off guard when we opened the door to a sea of faces and everyone screamed “Surprise!!!” I was grinning from ear to ear and the grin got progressively wider as I started looking around the room and saw all the people who were there. Now, when I say that my “Spidey senses” were tingling that this was a surprise party, I meant, like, I thought my sisters, brother-in-law, niece, parents, grandmother, aunt and uncle would be there. Y’all, there were 70+ people at the house!! My best friends from work, college and high school were there. Many close friends that I’ve made over the years were there. Shoot, Miche’al, who I met through this very blog was there!!Β And, an assortment of aunts, uncles and family friends all greeted me with hugs and smiles. I was so surprised as many had travelled from more than an hour away to get there.

I was just stunned and so, so happy! I couldn’t believe that they had put this all together for me. And, my sisters and aunt didn’t half-step! There was a DJ, a bar, servers and food galore! It was just so overwhelming you guys. I can’t even tell you how moved I was by it all. And then, what really put it over the edge was all the cards and gifts that I didn’t really get a chance to see until the following morning. It really feels like too much. Everyone’s presence alone was the biggest gift that I could ever ask for. I seriously keep tearing up thinking how generous everyone was and how blessed I am to be surrounded by so much love. If any of you are reading this, I love you and I thank you!

Okay, I’ve rambled long enough! I really didn’t plan for this post to be so long! But, if you know me … well, you know that’s me. LOL!! So, now, I’m done and here are a few pictures of the festivities!! (Oh, and since this is a hair blog, note that my hair was still totally wet when we arrived!! Yeah, the “Guest of Honor” was hugging and kissing everyone with drowned rat hair!! Ugh!! LOL!! I really need to start planning these things better! No more washing my hair on the day of an event!)

My besties from work

Is this a birthday party or a natural hair meet-up:)? *lol*

Mi familia

The promised cake ;).

And I’ll leave you with this song that has become “our” song!

This felt like the dress rehearsal;)! *lol*


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  1. Happy Birthday Shelli. That was great of your sister. Like you, i would have suspected something was up about the surprise party too. Don’t feel bad, i’m kinda a homebody too and have to force myself to get out more. I’m sure you enjoyed yourself. I hope you had some cake.


  2. Loved your birthday story!!! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. I had never seen this video by Beyonce, but it was trip to see her doing New Edition’s dance steps from “If It Isn’t Love”….sure brought back a rush of memories (from when I was just a baby!) LOLOLOL Congrats on your 40th birthday, Shelli! Now the fun really begins…….


  3. I want to look like you when mine rolls around (next year)…imma need some more detailed regimen posts from you, ie moisturizers, food diaries, sleep habits…lol!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from ME and CHLOE, wishing you continued success, many blessings and God’s grace in every part of your life.


  4. Happy blessed 40th b-day and welcome to the club. What love to go through such elaborate planning. Okay, be on the alert for the bridal showers! Lol.


  5. Happy Birthday Shelli…it looks like everyone had a great time. It’s great to be appreciated and remembered on our birthdays. Enjoy many more!


  6. I was really suprised and honored when Shana asked me for my address to attend your party. I didn’t want to feel like a stalker and you be like “damn that girl is everywhere I go”, LOL! I must say that I had a great time! I am such a homebody and to actually get out and meet a really great bunch of people, Miriam was really sweet, it was nice. Your family is so welcoming. They had asked me how I knew you and I felt kind of odd saying “well, its a long story, but I am one of Shelli’s blog followers.” They were like oh come on in make yourself at home. LOL! I thinked I talked with your uncle for an hour about sports. Tell Shana again thanks for the invite!


  7. Awwww, thank you all for the lovely compliments and wonderful birthday wishes:). The good times keep a’coming!

    Miche’al, girl, you know you are a friend now:)!! We’ve been at this thing for a while now and you are so supportive and I truly appreciate it and think of you as a friend!! Shoot, all you, Marsha, Michelle H.S., Rece, Michelle/Chloe (she knows that’s her name now;) LOL!!) … you guys complete me;)!! LOL!! But seriously, don’t think I ever think of you as anything but a friend!! And I’m so happy that you had a good time and mingled!! Myriam (I call her Meesa) is one of the sweetest people on earth!! I love her!!! She probably told you, but that she is one of my four best friends from college and she is the one who got me started on this path!!! Meesa is the friend who told me about!!! So, you can thank her for the birth of Hairscapades;)!! And, I will tell Shana. Oh, and which uncle were you talking to? The really tall one (Jimi) or the crazy one (Wallace)? LMBO!! I love them all:).


    • Aww shucks! You know how to make a friend feel special!!! It was your uncle Wallace. Very laid but cool dude. Myriam and I hung out together most of the night. I know how she felt, going to an event and not knowing many people to talk to, but by the end of the night we were all cackling like we knew each other forever.


  8. Happy Birthday Shelli!! Yeah it did look like the dress rehearsal πŸ™‚ Peace and many continued blessings to you and Wei. Great pictures (and I love the long post)


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