The Premier of Avatar: The Legend of Korra


To all of my Avatar fans, want to see the 2 part premier of Avatar: The Legend of Korra three weeks before it airs on TV?!?!? Then check it out on here!!! I don’t know how long we’ll be able to watch this, so I say, watch it today or you may have to wait until April 14th!!

Now, if only Wei would wake up so that I can watch it too!! He has 10 minutes to finish his nap or I’m watching it alone!! I know, it’s wrong … but, what can I say? It’s AVATAR!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING 4 YEARS FOR THIS!!!

UPDATED TO ADD: Without giving too much away, just wanted to tell you all that I watched the first two episodes and my initial thoughts are that it has a different feel and flow than the original. The characters feel undeveloped as of yet and I think that was definitely a strength of the original series. ATLA seemed to have an innate ability to quickly develop characters that you loved within one episode. I mean, c’mon, remember the Cabbage Man?!?! LOL! Also, the music in some places feels more forced and “out front” than the original. However, I’m hoping that the show with “settle” in a few episodes and that it’ll feel more natural once we get to know the characters a little better. That being said, my butt will be firmly glued to my seat for this one. I don’t expect it to surpass or even match ATLA, but I do expect a great story. And, I can’t wait to see the flashbacks that I know are coming that will reveal some of the missing puzzle pieces of ATLA … such as, how did Zuko reunite with his mother? Why did Uncle go into the Spirit world? Will Koh reappear and keep his promise to Aang, “We’ll meet again?” I have my suspicions and theories, but won’t ruin it for you;).


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  1. I shouldn’t have watched it – I moved to the UK recently and don’t know when or IF we’ll get The Legend of Korra…but I couldn’t help myself! It promises to be as good as the original. *fangirl dance*


    • Mrs.Numbles, I’m sure that you’ll be able to watch it online somewhere! So, even if it doesn’t air in the UK (though, don’t count it out!), I’m sure you can keep up with it on or one of those other sites with episodes of shows! I’m not quite there on this being as good as ATLA yet … but, I’m all in … if only to see what they will reveal about the 70 years between Aang and Korra;). I was soooo sad learning one person who is no longer around. I don’t want to give it away here for any who haven’t watched it yet!


  2. I knew I wasn’t the only one….I LOVED LOVED LOVED Avatar The Last Airbender(have all the seasons and have watched them multiple times)!!!! Now the Legend of Korra is finally coming out??!! Ahhhhh!!!! *faintsinexcitement*


    • Oh no Cayce!! I talk about Avatar all of the time. I own all of the seasons as well and am pretty sure I’ve damaged one of the season 2 discs from watching it so many times! The Blind Bandit is one of my fave episodes of the series and the second season, from episode 5 on is off the hook. That’s when I knew that Avatar was going to be even more than I ever dreamed.

      I’ve watched every episode in the show so many times that I can tell you what episode quotes and/or screenshots come from. It was hilarious, one time we were picking up my niece, who I got into watching it. She was watching an episode on her portable DVD player when she got in the car and my sister told her to pause it. I looked at the wall of fire on the screen and said, “Oh, you’re watching Day of Black Sun part I?” My sister looked at me and told my bro-in-law, “You should see what you she is looking at and knows the episode. Shelli is crazy.” LOL!!


    • It’s my ALL time favorite cartoon series EVER!! I am a HUGE Batman: TAS fan … and I thought Gargoyles was brilliant plotting … but the storytelling and sophistication and humor and plotting of Avatar was on an entirely different level.

      I don’t know if Korra will be able to match it … they didn’t get as much string with this one as it was originally picked up as a 13 episode mini-series. But, I am just expecting and hopeful that it will still provide us with a great story and characters that we’ll grow to really love. I don’t see any Sokka yet though;).

      And what is up with Meelo’s head?!?! Why is it so lumpy?!?!

      And oh, alas, I am not an anime fan … at all. Although, I do want to check out some of Hayao Miyazaki’s films to see if they’ll sway me to appreciate some work in the genre.


  3. It was good, but I wish we could’ve saw the original characters. Hopefully upcoming episodes will show what happened since the first series..


  4. I found it! I thought that you had posted something previously about the Legend of Korra, so I went searching for it and found it. It does have a different feel, but I am like you, I still feel like there are so many questions that were left unanswered. I hope that they show some flashbacks as well. Especially about Zukos mom. Not to mention…….I miss Aang!


    • I was sad when Katara said that Sokka was gone:(!!! And what is up with Toph’s daughter?!? I want to know the story behind her being so angry! And of course we all want to know what happened to Zuko’s mom, what happened when Uncle went to the Spirit World and will we see Koh again as he promised Aang?


  5. Shelli! its been 6 episodes since this post, where is your update?? lol. I’m sad there’s no avatar state action but feel like maybe that’s their scapegoat to bring up ratings in case this semi-steam punk/post avatar Yang inspired world doesn’t catch on. What I’m also VERY curious about is….will they ever revisit BLOOD BENDING??? Maybe its too taboo..I’ve been wondering that since that episode when Katara did it. I was upset the first few episodes, but they’re forcing it into my brain that the vibe is definitely not ATLA ….but I’m takin’ whatever i can get! Okay, I’m done now.

    -rant OVER-


    • LOL!!! Okay K, I am going to do a post this weekend after the new episode tomorrow:)! You know that I’ve been watching every single episode!!! It goes back and forth for me so far … Amon is a bad … shut yo mouth!! And I have really loved the eps with him … I think every one has involved a flashback. Some of the other eps have felt more like filler for me … but let’s not forget “The Great Divide.” LOL!! So, I have faith in Michael & Bryan that they are going to bring this all together;). I don’t think that it will be as epically AMAZING as ATLA, but I think that it will be good. I can’t WAIT to see Korra go into the Avatar state, but I knew that it wouldn’t happen early in the series as she is more skilled than Aang was and doesn’t have to rely on her past lives … also, she is not tied to her spiritual side the way Aang was …. look at me … this IS turning into my review!! LOL!! So yeah, I’ll be watching ep. 7 tomorrow and will do a post sometime in the next few days with my thoughts:). Btw, have you been keeping up with Bryan Konietzko’s Tumblr?!?! It has some AWESOME stuff:)!! I check in on him least once or twice a week:).


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