Back to the Bun


Just a quick post to say that I’ve been wearing a bun since Tuesday. I really hope to do something more creative this weekend. I love that I can throw a bun up pretty easily anymore. The hair fork is the only tool that I’ve been using and I’ve been applying the Botticelli Botanicals Flax Gelee to smooth my edges. It it working very well for that too. These pic are from Monday night though, when I was just bunning for bed and hadn’t used anything to control/smooth my edges.

Although I love the ease of a bun, I’m getting bored with it. I just haven’t had the time or energy to do anything that takes any time or thought! This is especially true now that I’m exercising again. On that note, Day 5 of PSD 1.2 is done and over. I’ve only been doing about 25-30 minutes a day due to long work days. But, the goal is 20 for 28 days straight and doing a lot more every day would definitely result in a #FAIL. So, I’m good with doing 25-30, though I had hoped to do a 40 minute kettlebell routine yesterday. Maybe Friday. Now, I just need to get my eating habits really on track since I’ve had my birthday buttercream;)! But, why did one of my co-workers buy me a bag of sweet potato chips and a huge bag of Laffy Taffy’s with plenty of banana (why don’t they make banana only bags and why does the one candy I really like have to have fat?!?)?!?! We had talked about our love of both months ago and she remembered for my birthday!! LOL!!

Well, that’s it for now.

Lata Gatas!


What do you do when you get in a styling rut and are low on time and energy? 


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