The Sci-Five Gets Archiefied!!


Three of the four members of the Sc-Five ;).

That’s me!!! That’s really me!! LOL!! In case you don’t know, one of my good buddies, Fernando Ruiz, has been an Archie artist/penciller/writer for 15+ years. Our other friend, Fabio (on the far right), inked for Archie for a little while as well. The guy on my right is Anthony, the fourth member of the Sci-Five. For some reason unbeknownst to me, Fernando didn’t include himself in the panel, although he makes regular “cameo” appearances in Archie. We also often find ourselves at a local diner which has become the Sci-Five’s “haunt.” (You can see us all in the flesh here, though not at our diner). Anywho, just felt like sharing because I thought it was kind of cool :). Gotta see if this is actually in an issue so that I can pick up a few copies;)!!


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