Mini-Hairscapader: Maya’s HairStory


Remember Laxmi, our Natural in Germany? Well, here is the hairstory of one of her little curlies!


as told by Laxmi of Lucky Curls

What’s your child’s name and age? Tell us a little about her/him.
This is Maya, my oldest daughter and she will be 4 next week Saturday. She goes to kindergarten at the moment- kindergarten is from ages 3-6 in Germany. She’s a big bundle of energy and very (stereotypically) girly. She loves horses and horse riding and likes to dress up and play princess, but is also really into books and other stuff like, dinosaurs, music, dancing and generally being really silly. She’s been obsessed with ‘Melody’ from ‘The Little Mermaid 2’ for a while and likes to say that her name is Melody instead of Maya. This also inspired her favourite hairstyle- the low ponytail.

Maya and Rico

Maya Longstockings!

How do you care for her/his hair? What products do you use, how often do you wash/condition, what techniques do you use (i.e., how do you detangle), etc.?
I typically use Jessicurl or Aubrey Organics products, they work well for both our hair. I also like to use Kinky Curly Knot Today for detangling. Sometimes I do a glycerin rosewater spritz and I make sure to always seal with some sort of oil. To detangle, I use either Knot Today or conditioner and water, divide her hair into 4 sections, spritz and gently comb with a wide-tooth comb, starting from the ends and working to the roots. Depending on how tangled up her hair is, I might use my fingers first.

Do the same products that work for you work for your child’s hair?
Yep, I’m very happy about that!

What is a typical style? Do you employ protective styles? If so, how often?
I used to just do low braided ponytails until she started taking them out and twirling her hair to form knots. We had a very frustrating phase where she only wanted that style and I would get upset about the knots. So now I usually put her hair in 6 (or sometimes more) box braids (usually 3 on each side of her head) after wash day on Sundays. Then I pull all the braids into a low ponytail and just try to ignore the fuzziness as the week wears on *lol*. It lasts a week, which saves us time in the mornings and saves her ends from the twirling and knotting. She loves it, which is a big relief. Two weeks ago, I tried banding and I liked the results, but I missed her curls :). They stretched out to waves which made it super easy to comb and gave her length but I wanted her curls back *lol*. She loved it and kept going on about her long princess hair *hehehe*.

What challenges do you face with your child’s hair?
There aren’t really any challenges … as long as her hair is in the box braids. When I put it in a ponytail or have her hair out, she starts twirling and knotting, and that can be a bit frustrating. I just got Kinky Curly Products in my online store and was looking forward to doing ‘wash-and-gos’ in the summer with the Curling Custard, but I don’t think I’ll be doing it now. I guess you could say the challenges here are that we are limited when it comes to hairstyles because she’s not a fan of anything that means her hair won’t be held together at her nape. But I don’t find it really problematic.

Have you ever relaxed/texlaxed your daughter’s hair? Why or why not and, if you relaxed her hair, what prompted the decision to return to natural?
I’ve never relaxed her hair and I never will. I cringe when I see little kids with relaxers. It is very important to me that both my girls grow up truly believing that their hair (and skin) are beautiful the way they were born – especially since she’s growing up in a predominantly Caucasian society.

How does your child feel about her/his natural hair?
She loves her hair.

This is also a great way to procrastinate when bedtime comes around :).

Anything else that you’d like to add?
I think that it’s great that so many moms are learning how to properly care for their kid’s natural hair. I keep picturing a new generation of women of color where relaxers with be almost non-existent and that makes me happy :).

And here’s another slide show with even more great pics that I just had to share!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want to see more of Maya and Ella’s curls, check out the Kiddie Curls feature on Laxmi’s dual language blog,!!

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  1. what a beautiful, squeezable baby! Love all the pics-thanks for sharing maya’s story…I think I’m going to try the Aubrey Organics on my lil curly Laxmi!


    • Thanks, yea, we love all AO conditioners 🙂 I love that they have such great ingredients, sometimes I add some olive/ coconut oil- Extreme yumminess for the hair.


    • Isn’t she?! I love the Pippi Longstockings pic Laxmi!! They are both adorable!! Btw, I almost messed up and left the pony’s name as Charlie instead of Rico!! LOL!!


      • Lol Shelli, are you a journalist? The amount of effort you put into hair stories (and this whole blog) in getting everything perfectly is amazing. You rock, and I appreciate your blog and all your work so much. Let me know how the AO goes, I’m really curios about terressentials. How long is the shelf life? I’m thinking of contacting them for some business 😉


        • LOL! Awwww thanks Laxmi! I try:)!! I will let you know about the AO if I try it. I’m like the person whose eyes are bigger than their stomach when eating … but my eyes are bigger than my hair time when it comes to products!! LOL!! I love to look at them and buy them, then they collect dust under the sink! LOL!

          As to the Terressentials, I haven’t checked that … but I’ll get back to you!!


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