Grow Out Challenge: The Sequel


It’s time!! Time to get that trim, take those pictures, document that regimen, identify those goals and get your GOC – The Sequel submissions in!!

If  you participated in our last GOC and want to keep going, shoot me an e-mail with a March status, your ongoing goals and updated pics. If you’re a new contender, please follow the rules for submission under the GOC tab. Send your write-up and pictures to me at with the subject, “GOC: The Sequel.” This challenge will run for 6 months from April to the end of September 2012!!

The submission deadline is March 31st!

Thanks and,

H A P P Y    G R O W I N G ! ! !

(1) Feb. 19, 2011
(2) April 23, 2011

(3) July 29, 2011
(4) Nov. 3, 2011

(5) Feb. 5, 2012


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  1. I’m sitting this one out. I have to give more heed to my 2 blogs. I’m giving may more attention to nourishing other people’s blogs and it’s high time I shift the focus to nourishing my own.

    I wish all the best to everyone doing the new challenge.


    • Totally understood!! Get yours lady! You know I know how much work it is to keep up with your own blogging and read other sites. I’m always trying to balance catching up with my faves and writing 2-3 daily posts for my site. And commenting from one’s mobile is such a pain!! Too many steps, especially the CAPTCHA!! I tend to read the blogs I subscribe to on breaks or at lunch on my iPhone. But, I generally don’t comment because it would take 15 minutes for each one! I totally get now why there aren’t more comments on blogs … because so many are using their phones and it’s too much like hard work!! That’s why I really like the FB and blogger “like” features and the rating system, when available!!


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