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Yesterday, I told you guys that I used a new styler over my modified kimmaytube leave-in after doing a ZSC treatment on Saturday (see post here). Well, here it is, the *mystery* styler!! Botticelli Botanicals Flex Gelee!! See, I didn’t make you wait too long :)!!

If you remember, a few weeks ago I did a post about Flaxseed Gel (FSG) and shared a link to the Etsy shop, Botticelli Botanicals. At the time, I’d only read about Botticelli Botanicals via the forums on After digging into the recesses of my memory to locate the thread in the forum so that I could include links in the post, I decided to reach out to the owner. I sent her a message about the impending post and asked if she had any interest in sponsoring a giveaway on Hairscapades.

I have to share portions of her response, because it was very cool and sweet:

Hello Shelli!

Wow, thanks so much for your interest in my products, and for the linking to my shop! I found the post already, it looks great! Let me start by saying that normally I decline doing giveaways on blogs, because either something doesn’t feel quite right, or it’s not my target market, and it seems like the blogger is just looking for free stuff. But yours feels right to me.

So tell me, what kind of thing did you have in mind? A Foolproof Formula Gelee or Mudd, maybe? I know the blog entry is about the FSG specifically, but it would be nearly blasphemous of me to omit the benefits of the okra in the Mudd for thirsting curls. I am indeed familiar with CurlyNikki, I remember when she was just a poster on the forums like me! Oh the good old days, it’s funny the places a true passion can take you, isn’t it?!

I also have to say that I love the fact that your fiancee writes for your blog as well – it’s so refreshing to see male perspectives on a hair blog, which is so often sequestered in the female population. I never understood that – I mean, guys have hair, too, and I see SO many guys with unruly frizz that could be awesome, healthy curls if they just half tried! But alas, I’ll get down from my soap box, I just think it’s neat that he interjects some testosterone into such an estrogen-soaked market.

Thanks so much for thinking of me, Shelli!


I was soooo psyched by Erin’s warm response, genuine interest in the site and enthusiasm!! I wrote her back immediately and we started to discuss what to giveaway and the entry guidelines. However, before announcing the giveaway, Erin insisted on sending me a sample of one of her products to try first. She really wanted to send the Mudd, because of its moisturizing properties. But, after my FSG article was published on CurlyNikki, she was all out of it!! LOL!! So, since she wanted to get something in the mail to me, she sent the Flax Gelee instead.

Customized Flax Gelee:
First, let me explain the selection process. When Erin decided on the Gelee, she asked me about my hair goals, what ingredients I know my hair likes and dislikes and what types of scents I prefer. This information would allow her to customize a blend for me! I think this is very smart as we all know many products aren’t one size fits all. So, this enables one to “build” a gelee or mudd to one’s own specifications. However, Botticelli Botanicals also offers a standard Foolproof Formula with agave and grapeseed oil and a scent of your choice.

Anyway, I told Erin that I like a gel that provides hold and moisture, that I avoid coconut oil in stylers and love fruity smells, especially berries. Other than that, I was relying on her expertise! Now, I don’t know what “extras” Erin added to the base formula of spring water and organic flaxseed extract. But the scent?!?!  She chose Blackberry Sage and, let me tell you, it is HEAVENLY!!

Application/Styling Process:
So, after doing a ZSC treatment followed by a DC on Sunday, I blotted my hair with a Hair Cloth until it was damp. I allowed it to air dry for a few minutes until it was just very barely damp. Then, I applied my modified Kimmaytube leave-in (2 tbsp KCKT, 2 tbsp Aloe Vera Juice – Whole Leaf, 1 tsp EVOO). I finger-combed/raked the leave-in through my hair in four sections. Next, I started applying the Flax Gelee in the same manner, finger-combing/raking it through my hair one section at a time. Now, the thing about FSG is that it is very viscous. Remember “Slime” from back in the day?

Okay, no!!! It’s not that bad!! LOL!! But it does have that type of viscosity, just not so thick!! Anyway, I applied about two quarter-sized squirts of gel for each section. This was enough to ensure coverage and hold, but light-handed enough to achieve maximum volume with definition. And that was it!

Well, that was it until it dried (mostly – there was a section in the crown that was still damp when I did this last step). After that, I used a little JBCO/EVOO to “fluff.” I won’t even say that I “scrunched out the crunch,” because my hair wasn’t hard. It was pretty soft, despite using a gel. However, it was more piecey than I like. This is to be expected when using a gel as firm hold helps ensure that the curls have “set.” So, my last step was smoothing and sealing with a little oil. This simply involved spreading a pea-size drop of oil on my palms and smoothing my hair back as if I was putting it in a ponytail. I then repeated with a little more oil, focusing on the ends the second time. And then, that REALLY was it:)!

I was pretty pleased with the result (ya think? ;)! So, on Sunday night, I loosely bunned my hair with a hair fork and donned my big, old lady bonnet. After showering on Monday morning, I released the bun and wore my hair down for the day. This is a shot I took with my iPhone at the end of the work day.

There was no flash and it’s not the best quality photo, but you get the idea. As my goal is always volume, I didn’t apply a lot of gel and I was loving how big my hair got!! But, I think I’ll experiment with using a little more next time to see if I can get more curl definition without sacrificing hugeness. In fact, I’ll probably be seeing how the Flax Gelee fares, sans a leave-in, after using the Terressentials Mud Wash!! Yup, my order arrived yesterday!!


So, want to know more about that Botticelli Botanicals Giveaway? Then stay tuned for the announcement later this week!

“Because every day should be a good hair day.”


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  1. Sorry I tried to comment via the wordpress app but ended up reblogging by accident lol! Great post and congratulations on the hook up!
    I would love to take part in your giveaway but I live too far (uk to be exact) but I’ll spectate from the queens palace. You have beautiful hair as well!!


    • I actually wouldn’t use it for twists, because I think the hold would be too hard. I did use it for my recalcitrant edges the last couple of days though and it worked great for that. It left my edges with a harder hold though. I didn’t try softening the crunch, so don’t know yet how it would do if I used a little oil after it dried or just broke it up with my fingers. I’ll try that another day. Oh, and I saw your review! I hadn’t tried it yet though, so didn’t have any feedback at the time. I read the comments on your post just now though and see that it didn’t work for your edges either.


  2. I bought the Okra gelee. Used it last night for the first time. Today I am FLAKE CITY. Will be washing this mess out (ruining my beautifully executed protective style, that I had intended to keep all week) and trashing it.
    The only good thing I can say about the product is that I liked the consistency and smell. Other than that, it’s just awful. Going back to my old faithful tub of EcoStyler.


    • Hey Nicole, did you use a leave-in under it? If so, maybe that was the problem? I know some have had similar problems with Eco and KCCC not “playing well with others.” Sometimes it’s not the product alone, but when combined with other products. I don’t know if you saw the “How To” from Erin I posted today, but she did indicate some have problems with the Mudd and Gelee when layered over leave-ins. I try to use close to clear leave-ins when I’m using a gel and/or mixing the two products together in my hand before applying. Not layering the products seems to work a lot of times and mixing the two in my hands together first can foreshadow for me if the product combo will cause flakes, if they don’t blend well and leave “chunks.” But, you know, I know not everything works for everyone.


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  6. Hi there! I know this is an old post but I still wonder whatever happened to Boticelli Botanicals – this was my favorite product and I just ran out last summer. Have you ever found anything like her Flax Gelee? I would love a lead on a similar product! My hair is very curly solidly 3B and responded so well to this.


    • Hi, I don’t know what happened. Sorry! I haven’t used flax seed gels, but have you tried Naptural85s recipe to make your own? Also, if you aren’t opposed to commercial products, maybe give the Ecostyler flaxseed gel a try? Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


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