Don’t Mix These Up …


As you know, I’m trying to get back on the health & fitness path as I fell off of the wagon in February and the majority of March. But, I’m 2 1/2 days down in our 28 Days of Exercise Challenge and my body knows it! OooohWEEEH!! That Full Body Blast kettlebell routine really kicked my butt! I was a’huffing and a’puffing at the end of each 12 minutes (I did the routine twice)! And my thighs? Whoah! They are a’burning!!

Anyway, I’m also trying to get my eating habits back in order too, although Saturday was a wash! We won’t even go there. But, I did hit the grocery store on Saturday evening to pick up the rest of ingredients that I needed to make the green smoothie recipe that I posted here. And, you know what? It was goooood!!  At least, I liked it and won’t have a problem drinking it first thing in the morning!!

So, after I made my smoothie, I took some pics to share on the FB page. When I saved  the pics to my computer, I had to do a double take.

One of these is my green smoothie and one is zizyphus!!! Let’s just say, you don’t want to mix these up!! My hair probably wouldn’t be too much worse for the wear, but my stomach?!?! Bleh!!!!  LOL!!

That is all.



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