PSD v. 1.2: Day 1


Need to clean this mirror. *lol*

As I indicated in The Big 4-0, yesterday, Project Scale Down is back in effect. Since the first project wasn’t entirely successful as I missed two days, didn’t eat the best and completely fell off the wagon once the 28 days were done, I’m calling this Project Scale Down Version 1.2 aka PSD v. 1.2 ;).

For each of the next 28 days, I will do at least 20 minutes of exercise. I was inspired by Chy’sCurlz, who has continued to maintain a daily workout schedule , increasing the stakes from 10 to 20 minutes of activity a day. Again, I will be training with kettlebells, treadmill and the Brazil Butt Lift (BBL) DVD series. I’ve also added a few other DVDs to the workout library: The Biggest Loser Cardio Max, Jillian Micheals Ripped in 30 (which I haven’t even opened yet) and Kathy Smith’s Cardio-Kickboxing.

As I mentioned yesterday, I will post when I complete my workout each day on the wall of our 28 Day Workout Challenge Facebook group. I’ll probably limit the posts on here to weekly or bi-weekly unless a lot of you indicate that you like to see them here every day.

But, I am posting Day One, so that you know that I did get it started:)!

Day 1:

  • 10 minute Abs of Steel routine.
  • 28 minute, low to medium intensity Cardio Axe/BBL routine.

Now it’s 3 pm and time to hit the shower (ya think?) and then the grocery store to pick up the rest of the ingredients I’ll need for that green smoothie!

Lata Gatas!!


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  1. I’m joining the challenge as well. Ummm, Day 1 was a bust (but hey, I didn’t know I was doing this untill 5 minutes ago). On Day 2, I’ll be ready!


  2. Good luck, sounds like a great challenge. I`ve tried some Jillian Michaels dvd´s and I have just downloaded the ripped in 30, so I look forward to reading what you think about it if you would write an evaluation of your exercise videos!


    • Thanks Wartica and Sunni! Shonda, wooh hooh! As to Insanity, you’re on your own with that one;)! LOL!! EngProf, tomorrow will just count as your day 1!!! I don’t think any of us in the challenge actually started on the same day! LOL!! Sunni, if I ever open Ripped in 30, I’ll definitely do a review;)!


  3. Hey I was actually planning on doing something similar on my blog: 30 Days of Fitness and Fun.

    Of course I’ve procrastinated but I will eventually do it. I’ve been faithfully working out 6 days a week and I’m down 20 pounds from my highest weight.


  4. Ripped in 30 is a serious workout, my least fav or all of her workouts because I think it’s hard on the knees. I just got her new kickboxing DVD, so I’ll be trying that out this week. I love all of her workouts tho.


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