Terressentials, Here I Come!


So, I did it!! I finally ordered the Terressentials Mud Wash! Back in November of last year, Adrienne raved about it  in her GOC Update. In the comments on that post, Chy’s Curlz shared her favorable review of the wash from her blog, which she then allowed me to re-post here. The comments that the wash was cleansing, moisturizing and made detangling a breeze, eliminating the need for a conditioner, had me seriously intrigued.

Well, given that it was close to Christmas and the wish list in my department for Secret Santa was being passed around, I wrote down one thing …. “Gift certificate for Terressentials.com!” And that’s just what I got! But, I hemmed and hawed about ordering … that is, until yesterday. You see, I read a lot of great reviews about the mud wash, but I’d also read comments about a weird film and/or tackiness after using the wash. I’d also done some research on the Terressentials website and believe that undesired side effects might have potentially been a result of not following the detox recommendations, which indicate that the wash should be used every day for seven days in a row. The site also indicated that only natural products should be used afterwards as synthetic products would render the benefits of the product moot (I’m paraphrasing here ;)). So, my PJ senses were tingling as I contemplated giving up all my other products for this purported all-in-one. Aaaannd, I was wearing my winter protective style, Afro puffy twists. So, I had no use for the wash at the time.

All that being said, I never got around to using the gift certificate. Then, yesterday, Ebony wrote this comment on my post, Wash, Twist, Seal ‘N Go:

Ok, so I did the Terressentials detox…and OH MY….nothing has EVER cleansed my hair this way without stripping it. I’ve been natural for 3 years, my hair is big like CurlyNikki’s but long like Shelli’s. But over the years and trying this product and that product, my hair started to get stringy and weighed down. I no longer had the volume I had and I was blaming henna because it did loosen up my curl pattern ALOT after 5 full treatments. But see thru-hair? Oh no, I don’t even flat iron, I might blow dry once a month, so what gives? A case of extreme build up over the years. So…the detox, I noticed a huge difference after the first day, but by the third day I started oiling with Vatika after the wash and let it air dry. I also started diluting it on the 4th day. By day 4, my hair was fuller, bigger, shinier and my curls were springing back up at the ends … so imagine day 7! And no more see-thru hair!!! I love it, I can do a twist out with just oil and water, with MAJOR hold. I guess because my hair is so clean. Sorry for the long comment, but I think you would absolutelly LOVE the terressentials, I used the lavendar like naptural did. It does seem like a lot of work to wash your hair for 7 days straight, but it is worth it!

Um … yeah. SOLD!!! I wrote my reply to Ebony and, immediately after hitting “Post Comment,” headed right on over to Terressentials.com and placed my order! I decided on one 8 ounce bottle of Lavender Garden and one of Left Coast Lemon. Someone previously recommended trying a couple of the “flavors” as one may work better than the other. I’m really super excited to try these now and hope that they don’t take too long to arrive! Grrrrrr … I hate that the wash is not readily available on the ground and that the shipping ($8.75) is almost as much as a bottle of wash ($10.75 for 8 ounces)!! If I end up loving it, I’m definitely gonna have to hit the store in Frederick, MD the next time I’m in DC to stock up!!

Anywho, of course I’ve started doing my research. I’d previously watched (and shared) Naptural85’s video review on the product wherein she sang its praises. Now that I bit the bullet, I was ready to watch her tutorial on using it for the detox.

via Naptural85


*Wash Technique Demonstration/Tutorial*

So, I’m pretty sure that I’ll follow Whitney’s method of diluting the product with water to extend it further given the cost. Rather than following the instructions in the Terressentials FAQs that indicate that 3 successive washes should be performed on the first day, I plan on thoroughly cleansing my hair and scalp as demonstrated by Naptural85 and then letting the wash sit on my hair for an hour or so prior to rinsing. We’ll see how it goes. You know I’ll keep you posted!


Question of the Day to all of the self-proclaimed and unrepentant Product Junkies :

If you could find that one miracle/holy grail product that did it all, would you be willing to give up your stash and PJ ways?


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  1. I know I’m sold!!!! I love Naptural85 for her ability to use like….3 products. I hate that I waste so much money on products that I end up hating. My ultimate goal is to use no more than 3 products to style my hair. I can’t wait to see what happens when you get yours. I was going to wait until spring break to visit my aunt in Maryland to buy some, but I don’t know if I can wait!!!! (PJism is still in effect!) However, I would give it all up for one ultimate HOLY grail product!!!


  2. Yay! I hope you like it! I think the people that get a film on their hair when first using it are people who use a lot of synthetic products and cones. The mudwash is essentially removing all that buildup. When I first used it I never experienced a film or anything like that, just amazingness! Lol. I also didn’t do the full detox either. The first day I washed three times, the second only twice, and then once. I also never diluted it. Naptural85 doesn’t dilute it anymore, she just applies it straight out of the bottle. This is also how I do it. Out of the shower I spritz my hair liberally with water (it applies better to wet hair) and then I run it into my hair and scalp. Sometimes I’ll leave it on and deep condition with it, other times I’ll rinse it immediately out. Either way, the results are excellent!

    As for being a PJ, I still buy and use natural conditioners and deep conditioners but I have used only the mudwash for a month of two and that works as a standalone product, but I like variety. It’s hard to resist being a PJ with so many products out there! For instance, did you know about the Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Conditioning Bars? It’s very similar to the mudwash, except it’s with Rhassoul clay and not Bentonite Clay. Still, it’s just as good at detangling and conditioning the hair!


  3. I can’t wait to read your review I’ll be using my LCL(Left Coast Lemon) mud this weekend.

    @Naturalembrace, girl the Terressentials and the Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Conditioning bars is the best combo ever my hair was silky soft!!!!


  4. I did get a film the first two times I used it and decided to give another go. I don’t use synthetic products and have very simple regimen. I found the last time it work better by getting in shower and washing 3 times instead of standing in front of mirror. Before I only did one wash in which I did naptural85 method of spraying, massaging then rinsing which did not work. I’m still working on my bottle but not experiencing the great experience like others. So I will be following your reviews very closely and hopefully you can shed some light. I really want to love this product but I still need to deep condition afterwards it is not all for one solution in a bottle for me.


  5. Shelli, I sooo wanted to love this product. I bought and used 2 bottles . I think mint or something and unscented. One was more drying than the other but I cant remember which. My hair felt pretty terrible each time. It could have been that I had a lot of product build up but my hair was a tangled mess the very first time I used it. Similar results the other times I used it. I told myself I would try one more bottle and this time detox but right now I just DO NOT have time to do a 7 day detox. I will have to be in my house the whole time or something b/c styling was a beast as I could hardly get my fingers through my tangled hair to style. Everytime I see a great reveiw for this I sigh b/c I want it to work for me so bad! I also purchased the Anita Grant rhassoul clay bars. Basically had the same effect just a little less tangled. I let the Anita Grant sit on my head for several hours under a plastic cap. I still have some bars left that I’m scared to use. :-(. I will be looking forward to your review!!!!! 🙂


  6. I’ve been using the Terressentials Lavendar mud wash since last summer and I still love it. I’ve not experienced this film on my hair at any time nor did I do the detox. I mainly use products that are considered natural, no cones, petroleum etc. I sometimes DC after using it and sometimes I don’t. Either way, I still apply a leave in and styler to style my hair (naptural85 also applies her handmade styler after use). In other words, I view it as a cleanser/rinse-out conditioner. I have very dense, tightly curled hair that I like to wear in a variety of styles and that has never complained of being over moisturized so I cannot imagine there ever being one product that would be able to miraculously work it. However, if by some miracle there was one, I would give up my semi-PJ ways and be content.


  7. I’m planning on riding out there this weekend…I’m going to try the lavender scent for me and ChloChlo. Shelli, do you think I should detox first and then do my henna or do the henna first and then detox? If this works it will cut down on our wash sessions which are about twice a month now but like 90 minutes each…ugh.com. I’m looking to simplify our routines and curbing my pj habit…lol


    • I would probably do the detox first and then henna Michelle. I would think cleaner hair allows the henna to bond strongly and for to get great color and conditioning. Now, if you don’t want the red, don’t forget to mix it with indigo! 🙂


      • I thought so! I made the trek to the Frederick store and picked up the large bottle of the lavender mud. I’m going to get straighten my hair for the GOC length photos and my next wash I will be detoxing and henna’ing thereafter…so psyched! I’m also going to use it for Chloe’s hair too-will let you know how that fairs. Keep us updated on your experience with the wash and application method. Naptural85’s application appears easy and for the price, after the detox I will be diluting the subsequent washes.


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