What If …


by Rece of A Hair Story

What if I took for granted the fact that I’ve always had long hair and it never grows long again? *death*

What if I knew then all of the hair care tips I know now, back when I had relaxed hair? How long would my hair have grown?

My hair was extremely long and I NEVER wore a bun or any kind of protective styles for that matter. My hair was out every day. If it wasn’t completely out, it was in a ponytail. My hair was hanging down my back and grazing against my wool coat in the winter. *cringe*

I mean … I wasn’t the worst when it came to caring for my hair, but I could have done more.

What if … ?




 I have thought the same thing Rece! My hair was never as long as yours. I think armpit length (APL) was probably the longest it ever was relaxed. But, I only relaxed my hair twice a year, at home, and there was no burning of the scalp happening (uh-uh, not acceptable). So, I think it was more about my hair care techniques (or lack thereof). I actually did wear my hair up and off my neck a lot, but I very rarely (if ever) deep conditioned, I used sulfated shampoos, pink lotion and hair sheens (which I never liked as they made my hair greasy and heavy … but there weren’t many other options back then)!

So, I’ve thought the same thing … what if I did then what I do now? How long and healthy would my hair have grown relaxed? That being said, it doesn’t really matter.  It wouldn’t have changed my choice, which was made due to my lifestyle and exercise routine, not out of any desire for longer/healthier/thicker hair. Plus, I LOOOOOVE natural hair. It seriously makes me happy! I love looking at it, touching it, marveling over it, talking about it, writing about it … !

Oh wait, back to the point … Have you thought, “What if ?”


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  1. Yes, I have thought What If a million times over the past 3 years that I’ve been natural. I so wish that I knew about youtube and natural hair care sites/blogs a long time ago. “IF” I knew then what I know now I’d probably be the Black Rapunzel=)


  2. Oh yeah, I do the what-ifs once in a while; like now, with a dislocated finger and my braids looking like birdnest soup. Lol. Anyway, this is so timely as yesterday I read a feature on Essence.com about healthy relaxed hair. I just can’t allow myself to go “back there” though.


  3. It’s weird…. I was tex-laxing for years, and I w&g’d everyday, with sulfate shampoo, wore it down, and in it’s ‘drawn-up’ state it was armpit length! The only thing I didn’t do was flat-iron it – I rarely ever used heat.

    I do enjoy my natural hair now, and won’t go back. (Natural for 3 yrs and counting) I’ve got a regimen that really works, my hair feels better than ever in it’s natural-state, and I get sooo many compliments! Now I’m just waiting for my length to come back – I just trimmed back to just above armpit length. Grow hair grow!! 🙂


  4. I’ve never had a relaxer but I definitely still have what if moments. I hardly ever deep conditioned my hair and when I started doing it in college I’m pretty sure I wasn’t doing it the most efficient way(I’m sure standing over the sink for 5 minutes with a head full of conditioner doesn’t count lol), didn’t start using a heat protectant until I got it cut into a bob (about a year before I cut it all off), and wouldn’t dream of getting it wet after my grandma had spent over an hour hot-combing it lol.


  5. What if I had general interest in how to do my hair before I became natural. My mother couldn’t do hair so I never learned. I was lazy and dependent on others to do my hair and wasted money out of frustration and lack of patience. Then when I started to take an interest in my hair I was looking for simple solutions and didn’t stick with methods long enough. However it all worked out in the end because I went natural because; I thought it would be easier for me to manage. However because of high prices and trying to find less inexpensive salons and meeting resistance to doing natural hair; I finally learned! :):):)


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