I’m in Love with a … Steamer


by M of Hair and Other Stuff

Anyone who follows this blog knows I have a major problem with dryness. I was at the point where I was seriously considering another big chop. I figured out the low porosity hair thing which was an aha moment. I started using my hair therapy wrap (indirect heat) to DC & it helped a little  but my hair was still dry.

A friend recommended a steamer and offered to let me try hers. I co-washed my hair and left conditioner in it. She set up the steamer and I sat under it for an hour. My hair felt a little softer but it  didn’t seem like a big difference to me. I was still feeling meh about getting the steamer until Tuesday.  I washed my hair and used Yes to Carrots condish. It was either the Yes to Carrots, the steamer or both but after 2 minutes of YTC on my hair,  it was BUTTA soft! The tangles were just melting away and my hair felt so moisturized.

I set my hair on Curlformers and even as my hair began to dry it was  still so soft and virtually tangle free! I almost teared up. I never have a near tangle free hair session. I will buy every bottle off that shelf if this stuff truly works like that! I’m ’bout to dig up pennies form the couch or something because I NEED to have a steamer! I think I’m gonna invest in one and keep using the YTC for a few weeks to see if it really make s a difference. I’m so excited y’all, this could change my whole hair game … PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for the  final word!

Some pictures of the process:

Freshly washed with V05 left in as a DC.
Before the steamer session.
Things were heatin’ up! And I was looking just as cray … smh.
After co-washing 3 days later. I know it’s twisted but can you see the difference? I can!
Hair feels a little heavier, softer, lays better and has less tangles. Better in every way.

Now I have to actually purchase my own :-(.


Do you have any steamer success stories? Please feel free to share! 

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  1. What kind of steamer is that? I have the huetiful and I am not impressed. I like it but it does not cover my whole head. I have to shift for nape to be covered. Such an inconvenience.


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