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What If …


by Rece of A Hair Story

What if I took for granted the fact that I’ve always had long hair and it never grows long again? *death*

What if I knew then all of the hair care tips I know now, back when I had relaxed hair? How long would my hair have grown?

My hair was extremely long and I NEVER wore a bun or any kind of protective styles for that matter. My hair was out every day. If it wasn’t completely out, it was in a ponytail. My hair was hanging down my back and grazing against my wool coat in the winter. *cringe*

I mean … I wasn’t the worst when it came to caring for my hair, but I could have done more.

What if … ?




 I have thought the same thing Rece! My hair was never as long as yours. I think armpit length (APL) was probably the longest it ever was relaxed. But, I only relaxed my hair twice a year, at home, and there was no burning of the scalp happening (uh-uh, not acceptable). So, I think it was more about my hair care techniques (or lack thereof). I actually did wear my hair up and off my neck a lot, but I very rarely (if ever) deep conditioned, I used sulfated shampoos, pink lotion and hair sheens (which I never liked as they made my hair greasy and heavy … but there weren’t many other options back then)!

So, I’ve thought the same thing … what if I did then what I do now? How long and healthy would my hair have grown relaxed? That being said, it doesn’t really matter.  It wouldn’t have changed my choice, which was made due to my lifestyle and exercise routine, not out of any desire for longer/healthier/thicker hair. Plus, I LOOOOOVE natural hair. It seriously makes me happy! I love looking at it, touching it, marveling over it, talking about it, writing about it … !

Oh wait, back to the point … Have you thought, “What if ?”


Crisscross Ponytail


I attempted the style in this next video on a second day WnG and with a slight modification; I made a bun instead of letting the hair hang in a ponytail. I just took this pic this morning shortly after getting out of bed … so yeah, not gonna show you the front as it definitely needs some work! LOL! You definitely cannot see the overlap on my hair much as you can see on the demonstrator in the video. I think this style would look better and more defined on a smoother TnC set or if I’d set my WnG in twists with a little holding product the night before. Maybe next time. For now, it’ll do! Though, a little hair bling (flower, hair stick, headband) at that funky looking bun might be just the thing to set the style off! *Digging in the crates*

via LuxyHair

I’m in Love with a … Steamer


by M of Hair and Other Stuff

Anyone who follows this blog knows I have a major problem with dryness. I was at the point where I was seriously considering another big chop. I figured out the low porosity hair thing which was an aha moment. I started using my hair therapy wrap (indirect heat) to DC & it helped a little  but my hair was still dry.

A friend recommended a steamer and offered to let me try hers. I co-washed my hair and left conditioner in it. She set up the steamer and I sat under it for an hour. My hair felt a little softer but it  didn’t seem like a big difference to me. I was still feeling meh about getting the steamer until Tuesday.  I washed my hair and used Yes to Carrots condish. It was either the Yes to Carrots, the steamer or both but after 2 minutes of YTC on my hair,  it was BUTTA soft! The tangles were just melting away and my hair felt so moisturized.

I set my hair on Curlformers and even as my hair began to dry it was  still so soft and virtually tangle free! I almost teared up. I never have a near tangle free hair session. I will buy every bottle off that shelf if this stuff truly works like that! I’m ’bout to dig up pennies form the couch or something because I NEED to have a steamer! I think I’m gonna invest in one and keep using the YTC for a few weeks to see if it really make s a difference. I’m so excited y’all, this could change my whole hair game … PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for the  final word!

Some pictures of the process:

Freshly washed with V05 left in as a DC.
Before the steamer session.
Things were heatin’ up! And I was looking just as cray … smh.
After co-washing 3 days later. I know it’s twisted but can you see the difference? I can!
Hair feels a little heavier, softer, lays better and has less tangles. Better in every way.

Now I have to actually purchase my own :-(.


Do you have any steamer success stories? Please feel free to share!