by Weusi

Ok so … this makes it more than official … I’m really into this natural hair stuff …

I just awoke from a dream …

Shelli and I were holding hands as we got off the subway and went up the stairs, exiting the subway station. We walked past a few of her friends on the steps (I think that this was triggered by seeing Shelli’s friend, LaNora Williams-Clark, randomly last week at the 125th Street stop). I jokingly commented that she was famous as we stopped and talked with her friends.

Afterwards, we walked into what looked like Central Park. The next thing I know, we are at a concert. The stage looked like the top of the BB King marquee. There was a full orchestra and it was rocking! There were not many people. But the ones who were out were partying and many were laying out on blankets listening. Somehow we ended up in the front and we set up our chairs, some little speakers that were connected to the sound system and an old receiver that was controlled by the amp. I don’t know why we had speakers and lawn chairs!!

The next thing we know, Esperanza Spalding comes to the front of the stage. Then, I notice that Robert Glasper is there playing keys. It looks like he’s the Music Director of the band/orchestra. I kept telling Shelli that the Robert Glasper album is so incredible and that (the fact that?) he’s playing with Esperanza is magical!

For some reason, the people in the crowd couldn’t hear clearly, so I turned my little system up so that they could hear better. Then Esperanza, who was between songs, shouted me out by name. Shelli joked about that of course; you know her. Esperanza then continues with her set.

Now … the reason that I know that I’m sprung on this natural hair stuff is because, what made me jump up out of bed and write out this dream is that the part of the dream that I really remember is the various hair style Esperanza rocked during the course of her show!!! And, at the end of the show, she bows to the audience, salutes Robert Glasper and the band, waves to me and then says something about people loving music again and it not being about wardrobe changes. The crowd cheers wildly … then she thanks “whoever Hairscapades is for all these quick and easy hairstyles, because they were more fun than costume changes!”

Shelli just sits there in amazement! She doesn’t say a word! If you know Shelli … that’s a big deal!

After the show, I run into Esperanza at a pretzal vendor in the park. I tell her that I have a surprise for her. We walk back to Shelli and I introduce her as my fiancé  and Esperanza gets all excited. Then I tell her that she’s the person behind Hairscapades. She goes CRAZY! The two of them end up leaving me standing there with a pretzel! I woke up when I was at the vendor truck and he wouldn’t give me any mustard on the side of my pretzel.

Who knows knows what this all means? I DO …

In my mind, this dream makes a few things obvious … I’m a music lovin’ Hairscapades junky that wants Shelli and Hairscapades to blow up!!!

Hmmm … I really gotta get some new hobbies/interest/ride my bike more/exercise … do something!!

the end 

Well, not quite.

Here’s some background on Robert Glasper’s latest project, BLACK RADIO:

And here’s a clip of The Robert Glasper Experiment song, Ahh Yeah, featuring Chrisette Michele and Musiq Soulchild.

This is a tune called, Always Shine, featuring Bilal and Lupe Fiasco. My favorite part is that Robert Glasper is on the baby grand piano and the Fender Rhodes at the same time.

And this is a limited time only link to NPR First Listen of Esperanza Spalding’s upcoming album, RADIO MUSIC SOCIETY.


You can pre-order the album here, on iTunes or wherever you buy music. Please support the art and the artist.



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  1. And then TWO shall become ONE!!!! Sounds like this is your soulmate Shelli, not only does he dream about you but shares that dream with world wide internet-love is beautiful! Wei we should start a club because Imma “music lovin’ Hairscapades junky that wants Shelli and Hairscapades to blow up” too!


  2. All I have to say is….1) That’s my kind of dream…great music & great hair!!! LOVIN IT! ….and 2) I would have loved to sit in on the Robert Glasper Experiment recording session!

    Great Post!


  3. Even in your dreams you got great taste dude: spouse, music, naturalistas, and locale! I am a native Harlem Girl and my parents still reside in Harlem. Although I left the nest many moons ago, the 125th Street train station is still “my stop” (I ride the A/D or 2/3 trains). Thanks for the memory and a shout out to Harlem World!


  4. keep on dreaming…life is to be enjoyed and is so wonderful…hold her hand . whisper with a shout, “I love you”…it feels like I am doing it all over again with your mom….thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!…the vision of the love warms me and my tears sprout seeds of joy…Dad


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