The Big Chop: Marva’s HairStory


Describe yourself in 100 words or less.
My name is Marva. I am a laid back type of girl. I love spending time with family. I am enjoying life and all that it brings. I love meeting new people and I have a special place in my heart for the youth of today. I love learning new things and expanding my horizons. I embrace every quirky thing that makes me different and I LOVE MY HAIR (the good, bad, and unusual).

What prompted your decision to go natural?
My hair has always been thick since I can remember, but it started to thin a little around the crown. I had been relaxed since about the age of six or seven. I can say that my hair was always healthy until about 2 years prior. I saw the versatility that natural hair gave you, SO … I did it (I’m sort of compulsive).

How long did you transition before you big chopped?
5 months. First I cut my hair in a pixie cut and then transitioned for 5 months after that.

When and how did you big chop?
October 18th, 2010. I took my braids out and started cutting. I won’t lie, I was SCARED. But, I did it. I used to have a great fear of the unfamiliar, but NOT ANYMORE!

How did you feel immediately before and immediately after your big chop?
Honestly, WHAT DID I DO?! (For the first 30 seconds) I Loved IT!

How do you feel now?
Like superwoman: Invincible.

What is your current regimen? Go to products?

  • Shampoo (every two weeks): Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo
  • Co-Wash (every week): Aussie Moist Conditioner; Suave Shea butter and Almond Conditioner; HE Hello Hydration
  • Deep Conditioner: Aussie Deep Conditioner

I usually twist or braid my hair after washing, then wear a twist-out or braid out for two to three days. That turns into a puff for about two more days. After that, it’s normally time to shampoo or co-wash.

What are your hair plans/goals?
Growth, Growth, more Growth. And, most of all, maintaining the health of my hair. I’ve recently been having an itch to color my hair, but the jury is still out on that.

What, if any, “Hair Crazies” have you developed since big chopping?
Not really. None that I am aware of.

Do you have a hair crush? If so, who and why?
Yes, of course. Ms.CurlyNikki, Ms.Mae from, Ms. Shelli from Hairscapades, Ms. Charyjay of, Ms. Janelle Monae, Ms. Tanika Ray (Love her hair), Ms. Meechy Monroe  and Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross (WOW … That’s a lot, but I love ALL HEALTHY natural hair).

Who is your favorite natural blogger, youtuber and/or fotkier and why?
Youtubers: CharyJay, Naptural85, NikkiMae2003KinkyCurlyCoil, MahoganyKnots,Taren916, Whoissugar (LOVE!), SimplYounique, xGOLDn, MsVaughnT, and Fusionofcultures. I love these ladies’ channels because they promote how to maintain healthy hair that looks GREAT!

Anything else that you would like to add?


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  1. I did the same thing yesterday! Took my braids out, was combing it out and a large patch was in the comb. Started combing out of frustration and going to the barber tomorrow to shape it up and be free! I am free!


    • No, sorry. Maybe i have a twin somewhere. I have lived in Jacksonville, FL all my life.( Except for the four years of undergrad in Alabama)


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