My New Guilty Pleasure: Happy Endings


If you don’t know this about me already, I’m a fan of ridiculous, quirky humor. Some of my favorite comedies are Scrubs, Friends, Community and The Big Bang Theory. Well, Happy Endings (though I hate saying that name!) may have just found its way onto my list! I started paying attention to this show a couple of weeks ago during the episode from which this first clip was hijacked.

This is, like, Friends 2012!!! I was hooked and, the same weekend, managed to watch all of the episodes that were available Free On Demand and a few from the first season on YouTube. Gems like this next clip will keep me coming back for more!

In case you were watching and listening to these with a puzzled look on your face thinking, “Is that … ? That’s gotta be …” Yes. Yes it is. That boy look just like his daddy!! Well, his daddy, version 5.0!! “We’ll make him faster, prettier, funnier … “

So, you know if you haven’t seen this show yet and love completely random shows with characters who are characters of themselves, you may want to get in on this action! It airs Wednesdays on ABC, 9:30 p.m. EST after Modern Family.

Okay, who else out there is already watching and loving this?!? Please tell me I’m not the only one ;)!


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  1. Ok I’m gonna need you to stay out of my brain! I realized about two weeks ago that I’m a huge fan of this show…I think Spring Smackdown actually solidified it too lol


  2. But better than Friends because they actually have a more realistic group, demographic-wise. And who doesn’t like a yuppie Wayans? I mean, really. 🙂


  3. No, I haven’t watched this. I agree with the Seinfeld comment, and include Frasier and Cheers (I date my self) as long gone faves. I’d also like to see a “curse free” version of Awkward Black Girl on television one day.


    • LOL @ “a yuppie Wayans.” You are so right Ebony! LOL!

      Rhonda and Renee, I never really got all the way into Seinfeld. I watched the reruns on occasion, but I didn’t HAVE to see it … same with The Office. I find them funny sometimes, but not completely addictive. I really liked Frasier and Cheers was good too … but those don’t shows weren’t really quirky … they were more standard fare type comedy, though they did it very well. I’ve never watched ABG. I started to watch an ep, but didn’t get very far into it. Can’t even tell you what it was about. I “hear” that it’s very good though.


  4. I absolutely love this show! I’ve been watching it for months and months now and I really hope they don’t cancel it any time soon. It’s so random that Tom Hank’s son was on last week !

    I love ABG too, but I strongly and sadly feel that if it were to ever be put on network television, the integrity of the show would be compromised . :/


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