Twist ‘n Curl with Curlformers


I did a post a few months ago called, If At First You Don’t Succeed. It was about how mastering a style can sometimes take a lot of time and experimentation. In it, I shared how it took me a year and a lot of different sets to find a TnC technique that gave me the results I was seeking. That being said, if you’re trying to perfect your TnC, here’s a clever and inventive technique that might be the ticket!!

via TraNaturally

Beautiful, beautiful hair! I bet this could be done with flexi-rods too!


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  1. Clever! This might actually work for me. As you know, my twist outs are twist “nots”.

    Thank you, Shelli, for sharing this video. I am going to give it a try and will post back with my results. Fingers crossed!


  2. How ironic that this post would come out just when I had a epic fail on my first TnC. I will surely check out the video and retry doing a TnC again. Hopefully, I will succeed with my transitioning hair. *fingers crossed* –


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