Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

Preppy Boho


Yeah, just made that up. I don’t know if a cardigan really makes it preppy, but work with me here. First however, I had the hardest time getting the flash to work for a shot of the back of the style I wore yesterday (see post with tutorial here)! Finally managed to get one last night and you can see the twists better (I need to work on my pinning job!). I should have painted the walls in the bathroom a matte color as the semi-gloss causes a glare from the light, so the auto flash won’t fire! If I’d only known 6 years ago that the bathroom would become my photo studio! LOL!!

On a completely unrelated note, if you ever drop your phone in the toilet at work … turn it off immediately … don’t try to wash it with a soapy paper towel while it’s on … don’t keep turning it off and on, freak out when the screen is frozen, breathe a sigh of relief when it starts working again … kind of … notice a dark spot on the right corner and finally decide to turn it all the way off … and then finally despair when it won’t turn on again hours later. Instead, turn it off IMMEDIATELY, submerge and seal it in a plastic bag full of rice as soon as possible and wait 48-72 hours. I’m hoping that I can help someone learn from my mistakes!! So yeah, I was down an iPhone from Monday morning to yesterday after work. But, I’m reconnnected. I’ll tell you one thing, I never thought I would love a phone so much!!

Okay, finally, the “Look of the Day.” Preppy Boho. Or so I’ve decided to coin it! It was almost 70 degrees here in NJ yesterday! (I’m really scared it’s gonna be snowing in June.) So, I felt like a little color was in order. I paired a long yellow cardigan (Merona from Target) and a “tissue paper,” scoop neck tee in orange with a floor-length, cotton tie-dye swishy skirt (street vendor in DC). I accessorized the look with brass-toned hoop earrings (H&M), two coordinating plastic and wood beaded bracelets (Kohl’s), a wide belt with an elasticized waistband and leather “front-girdle” in tan (TJ Maxx) and cuffed tan ankle boots (g Series Nike Air from Marshall’s).

The “skirt” can also be worn as a strapless dress! I love multi-purpose items, especially those that can be worn in all seasons! This is a picture from my family reunion last summer. I’m not posing to display the “full effect,” but you get the idea ;).

Back to the outfit yesterday. I also left the house with a yellow flower in my hair. However, when I made a mid-morning bathroom stop at work … no flower. Oh no … not again. Remember the Bow Down incident? Fortunately, my flower did turn up! It never made it out of my car! So, it didn’t make the outfit yesterday, but here are a couple pictures of the recovered accessory;)! It’s so Boho, right?! *lol*

In other news, the plan (again) is to do a henna/indigo treatment as my grey roots are GLARING!! Then, hoping to convince Wei to go to a Whitney Houston Karaoke “tribute” a friend planned for Saturday evening. Won’t you help me try to persuade him to go?!? I mean, I’m the one who can’t sing to save her life! I don’t know what his concern is as he always tells me that he can sing ;). Alright …

What do you have planned for the weekend?