Jesse Boykins III


Did you see Wei’s interview of musical artist and naturalisto Jesse Boykins over at (he’s like a CN correspondent now! *lol*)?! If you did, here are a few Q&As that didn’t make the cut! Actually, what really happened was … Wei found them after Nikki had already posted the interview. But, these were some goodies, so we wanted to share! 


by Weusi

Q: Are there any natural hair styles that you like the best?
I love them all as long as the hairstyle is a reflection of the person who is wearing it. Natural hair is the best. It’s yours. It’s you!

Q: Have you ever dated a someone that had the “need “ to wear “headgear” to bed? How did/would you deal with that?
Yes … a scarf. And it was cool. You know, if you like the person and the scarf isn’t smelly or anything, then it’s cool. If it stinks or something, then you may have a issue. But that can be fixed by talking with each other. No biggie.

Q: OK. Now … what if you were walking through the grocery store and your S.O. (Significant Other) wanted you to re-up on some hair care products. Would you know what to pick up?
No! I wouldn’t even do it! There are so many natural hair care products and brands out there now. I’d have no idea. I’d get a list.

Want to learn more? Check out the rest of Wei’s interview with Jesse on here


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