Another Simple Twisted Updo


I came across this video tutorial for a cute and simple twisted style on about a week or two ago. I decided to try it last night!

via LuxyHair

The hardest part was making the sections around my face the right size so that I had enough hair to do three twists on either side. Also, I felt like I had too much hair in the last big twist that was rolled and tucked at the nape in the video. So, instead, I twisted the last two twists to the end and forming small buns that I secured at my nape with additional bobby pins.

I may place the back section into three big twists instead of two to form three mini-buns. I could also make one big bun with one twist or wrapping the two twists around each other. This is definitely a style that I’ll try again in order to play around with variations on the final section. This is another style that I think would work for a variety of lengths, from neck to TBL (with modifications)!


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  1. Your hair is absolutely gorgrous!

    I’ve been wearing my hair like this for almost a month & I love it. I could honestly wear this style for the rest of my life. It’s just so feminine & pretty!


  2. Are those the dollar store flowers???? You are putting those to good use & they are holding up well. This style is nice, you know I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing as always!


  3. That’s the style I did the other day! Remember? funny how we travel in many of the same hair circles lol. Anyway, I love their channel. I could sware Layla and the other lady were twins but they aren’t.

    I like your hair flowers too. What you shoulda had did at the even was sell them! You could have made some and sold them.! lol


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