Chic Savant


Okay, I’ve been seeing Chic Savant “like” some of my fashion posts for a month or so now. But, I always see the “like” when I’m on my phone and can’t do a lot of blog hopping. But today I was actually home and clicked on her blog. Okay, can you say FABU HAIR and STYLE?!?!? Oh my gosh, her hair is like … yeah *wiping drool from mouth*! If you’re reading lady, Hair Crush HairStory please!!!! LOL!!

Anyway, here she is looking GORG, rocking one of my favorite pieces, a printed tie-neck blouse, with a popping yellow blazer, dark-wash skinny jeans and a neutral shoe! LOVES it!! I’ll definitely be following this Chic Savant from now on;)!


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