Pineapples and Simpsons


In the natural/curly hair community, placing the hair in a high, loose ponytail to preserve curls overnight is called a pineapple or pineappleing. Generally speaking, no matter if I’m sporting a WnG or TnC, the single pineapple hasn’t worked too well for me. My nape hair is dang near straight and pulling it into a high ponytail stretches out what little curl it does have. This typically exacerbates my situation. That being, a nape section that hangs lower than my crown and causing what I have dubbed, “The Mushroom Effect.” My crown is the cap and the nape is the stem. Some call it the mullet. No matter what you decide to name it … Not. a. good. look.

However, Monday night, I decided to venture into the world of the pineapple again as my hair essentially seemed to be hanging in a consistent pattern from crown to nape. So, I dipped my head upside down and loosely bound it with a satin scrunchie*. I didn’t wrap it at all as I didn’t want to create a crease where they ponytail was secured. Then, I dipped my head upside down again and donned my big and roomy old lady white satin bonnet and channeled Marge Simpson!

LMBO!! I frickin’ love this bonnet (the “Andre” from Sally’s). It is so ridiculous, especially the ring cinched top, that it cracks me up every time I wear it! Like, I ponder, “Did someone realllly think that adding ruffles and a bow actually makes this attractive now?!?” Like, plain bonnet … “Ewwww.” But add some ruffles and a bow. “Ooooh prettttty.” LOL!! Anyway, I wore it with a Goody Ouchless headband around the perimeter as the elastic on the bonnet has gotten loose from repeated washings.

Anywho, so this was day two hair at the end of the day (I actually pulled it back and wore it in a low, loose bun for work).

So, given that the pineappled WnG held up pretty well for my purposes, Marge is returning Tuesday night ;). Wei said, “Doh!”

(*p.s. If you are in search of satin scrunchies, I buy the Goody Ouchless Soft Fabric Scrunchies from Walmart [6 pack with 3 satin and 3 cotton].)


Do you pineapple (single pony or modified with multiple ponies)? If not, how do you preserve your loose curls or sets (TnCs, twist-outs, braid-outs, etc.) overnight?


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  1. LOL. OMG! That is too funny. But you know, if it does the job… who cares. But my hubby would have a laugh if I ever wore that to bed! –


  2. That bonnet is HILARIOUS! lolol. Pineapple-ing doesn’t work for me. I end up with stiff hair, smashed curls and a hott mess. I don’t even try anymore.


  3. Your hair bonnet is gangsta! You’re right, I don’t know who “Mr. Andre” is fooling with the bow in the front, he must be kidding (lol). Well, as long as the hubby doesn’t mind, I say rock it! I haven’t done a successful WnG yet. I leave the house looking presentable, but by lunchtime I end up looking like little Orphan Annie. I will practice this Spring before Summer shrinkage season begins….


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