Wash ‘n Go Success


by CurlsDivine

I didn’t want to disappoint Hairscapades by not sharing the new love I have for Wash & Go’s that I told you about in my Final GOC Update. I have been experimenting with Wash ‘n Go’s since I BC’d in 2011. Actually, it was the first hairstyle I tried and I hated it. I was so freaking disgusted with how my hair turned out. I tried them again in February, May and June 2011 and finally just threw my hands up and said, “Forget a stupid Wash ‘n Go!” Yeah I was pretty upset.

Well, I’m a stalker on YouTube and I just couldn’t stop looking at the way Mahogany Curls did her WnGs and how easily she did them. I thought, “Conditioner only? No way. My hair is way too frizzy for just conditioner, I’m gonna have to add some gel of some sort.” So, I tried it.

At first, I used the Cantu Shea Butter and Eco Styler Gel. It was good, but not perfect. Then, for some odd reason, I made a trip to Walgreens and picked up some TRESemmé Naturals (I thought, “What the heck? For $2.99, if it doesn’t work, I can return it.) and Target for Kinky Curly Curling Custard (KCCC). I got home that night, did my WnG routine and, Oh My Friggin Gosh, genius (as Curly Nikki would say)! My hair reacted to this combination as though I should have known sooner. All I can say is …well, I’m at a loss for words right now!

I did a full blown henna treatment this weekend and results where even better. I got everything a girl with curls asks for all in one: moisture for days, SHINE, DEFINED CURLS, NOT A PEEK OF FRIZZ, BODY and the 2nd day hair is even more gorgeous … What?!?!

I will say the only thing that I have not figured out is how to quickly dry without using a diffuser. I really don’t want to use much heat. But since my hair holds water like a beast, that is the only answer. I DO put the diffuser on cool for 90% of my drying and warm for the remaining 10%. I also spray a little heat protectant, just in case. Aside from that, I’m all in when it comes to wash and gos now.

Here are my steps to the perfect WnG:

  • Shampoo and condition or co-wash.
  • Detangle, rinse and dry with a tee-shirt.
  • Put a nickel-size amount of oil of your choice throughout the hair (I use grapeseed).
  • Part hair into four sections.
  • Start with one section and rake conditioner of choice through until hair is saturated (I use TRESemmé Naturals).
  • Rake gel of choice through section (I use KCCC).
  • Repeat until all sections are done.
  • Diffuse until dry!


How do you WnG?


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  1. Your hair is beautiful!!! I too was inspired b MahoganyCurls and love the results! I don’t like fooling with my hair a lot and her process (actually the Curly Girl process) is soooo much easier than other regiments you hear about. Love it!! I’m definitely going to have to try the KCCC with it. Haven’t done that yet but yours looks fabulous!


  2. Your hair looks beautiful! I have had wonderful success with the Tightly Curly Method. I detangle in the shower, then wash and put into a scrunchie (do not dry!). A section at a time, generously apply Aussie Moist Conditioner and use my denman brush, then Carols Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey mainly on the ends. Then define curls either by raking with fingers or twirling small sections. Spray with water as you go along to keep hair from drying out while working. It can take about 35/40 minutes to define-BUT after diffusing and gently stretching to elongate my curls, I have SEVEN DAY HAIR! Yes, I do not do anything but shake and go every morning all week. I think my curls are 3C. My hair is thick, heavy and approx. bra strap length.
    The picture is from last summer!


  3. Gorgeous hair!! Oh my gosh! That’s funny you poste about this because I’ve recently been experimenting with gel in an effort to rock my natural curl pattern. I, too was never able to master the WnG until recently. I did something similar: I applied my modified KT leave-in then KCCC and the results were great. Only, I let it air dry and later it was crunchy BUT I rewet it and braided it and the next day I had a GORGEOUS, shiny and SOFT braid-out!!! Go figure! LOL!


  4. The hair looks gorgeous, and it has definitely grown out alot. Just curious why not have this as a conditioner only with gel style mentioned. Because to me a true wash n go, means just that w/o any product on the hair. You’re just washing and then “go” meaning letting it airdry into the style. If you’re washing and then putting in product and then diffusing that’s not a true wash n go. But either way the hair pics in every stage looks very good.


  5. Thank you to all the positive responses I received on this post. It’s great to see different perspectives of those who do this hairstyle. While in my journey to achieve healthy hair, I am learning so much. How hairstyles change in time from when your hair is short to long to what products work for certain hairstyles. I can see that I truly hadn’t learned my own texture until being 100% natural. The year gave me room to understand my hair and changes it would go through in different seasons. Also, I see that the curl pattern loosen as my hair has grown longer.

    When I was younger, ( early teens) I always admired a girl that went to school with me. She was biracial, and I thought, ” I wish my hair would do that”. Meaning just be naturally curly. Well now that I’m older, I can see that my hair can do just ” that”, curl. She would wear her hair mostly in the traditional WnG style. It was always my goal since becoming natural to be able to do that style. I would research time and time again, to learn others routines and what a WnG was. I too, thought a WnG, was just wet your hair in the shower, after maybe washing it and go. But I’ve soon learned that its just a name of a style. A braid-out is also a name. You can add a rod to the mix, whether it means curling it at the ends or adding a little products. For me, it is very important to protect my hair. I can’t stand a lot of frizz, and products help to tame and define my curl pattern. WnG’s are just a term that starts with Washing your hair/ Co-Wash, define the curls ( whether that means leaving in conditioners/gels) and then air-dry/diffuse and go….I have come to embrace the style and I’m loving every step!


  6. i have yet to get a good was and go.. I have done shea moisture with olive oil and was not please, also seen other ppl do it..But dnt know y mines cant come out right.. What i am looking for is more defintion/pattern when I do a Wng..I have also used the KCCC and it still wasnt right, but i love how ur hair looks and i am gonna try again..


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