Inspiration: Sera25 aka Sera2544


I was revisiting’s post on Bloggers with Great Length Retention and decided to visit the Fotki of Sera25. The pictures of her journey from TWA to hip bone length are A-MUUUUHH-zing*!!! The thickness of her hair, the lushness of her twists and her length remind me of Mwedzi. Alas, my hair will never be as dense or curly as theirs, but I can enjoy the hair porn!! Sit back and prepare to drool at and be inspired by this YouTube video of Sera’s hair journey.

via Sera2544

*If you get the reference, you get bonus points in my book;).


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  1. Her hair is absolutely beautiful. 4beautiful hair is definitely a site to behold. Her and Kimmaytube are definitely inspiration during this time for me while having my setback.


  2. hi sera ..u are really inspirational with magical tips.. i just have to questions i am purely african n i have had natural hair all mylife .. i just needed to know if all the tips given can work for me and what natural home made treatment would be perferct for me.. i got fluffy easy tangling hair..


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