Retro Bouffant Updo


So, I finally tried that retro bouffant updo that CurlyNikki was rocking all fall (see here if you missed it). I had done it on the Afro puffy twists (see here), but hadn’t been able to achieve it on my loose, curly hair (not that I tried that hard). Anyway, when the bootleg TnC set that I attempted the night before didn’t go according to plan, I decided to give this cute little updo another go.

The bootleg TnC set


Not perfect, but it’ll work!!

So, yeah. I liked it, but I do need to work on perfecting it.


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    • Darnitia, I pulled a slim shady on y’all!! I had originally made the hair and OOTD one post! But, then, because it was long with a lot of pics, decided to make it two posts. So, I copied the OOTD and made the Basic Black w/a Twist post. Well, I forgot to delete it from this post and, when I woke up in the morning and saw it published, realized that I forgot!! So, I quickly deleted the OOTD portion! LOL!! But, you got the accidental sneak peek;)!! And thank you!!


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