Doris New York Couture Mag Debut!


Last November, I had the pleasure of meeting two lovely ladies at the event, Sofistafunk and Friends. Those ladies were Marlene Duperley, the co-owner of Doris New York (DNY), and LaNora “The Muse” Williams-Clark, a DNY model and the blogger behind Musings Mag (check out LaNora’s guest blog here). Marlene and LaNora both exuded so much beauty, warmth and intelligence; I was immediately drawn to them and we talked extensively during the event.

Flash forward to the present. Marlene just launched her online magazine, Doris New York Couture and LaNora is her first feature. But, this is about so much more than hair, fashion and beauty; it’s about the personal struggles behind the surface. You see, LaNora lives with Graves Disease and has for a while now. So, LaNora and Marlene put together this debut issue and video to shine a little light into the shadows. And, I am so happy to be able to have a platform, however small, to help share it with others!! So please check out the debut issue of Doris New York Couture!! I hope that you’ll find it as enlightening and touching as I did!


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  1. Is that a skirt or a dress? I don’t do polka dots, but I gotta have that skirt! The shoes and the model’s hair (and hair color) are fabulous too. I’m diligently trying to give up discretionary spending for Lent. Thanks a lot for the enticement Shelli….no fair!


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