Length Check Video (Pressed Natural Hair)


Just a quick video that I filmed on Sunday to video “journal” my straight hair before I washed it. It’ll probably be another year before it’s straight again!

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    • Girl, tell me about it!! And, I have a ton of henna frozen too!! But, I didn’t want to do a henna right after washing out a press. I think I may need one more regular wash day and regular DC session before I henna. Also, this weekend isn’t looking good anyway.


    • Thanks Sawah! Yes, absolutely. But, you have to gauge how much and how often. I’m still new to using protein, so I’m really just trying to listen to my hair and do it when I experience excessive shedding, breakage or overly stretchy/soft hair. Now that I know what strong, but moisturized feels like, I think I’ll be able to better gauge when it’s too soft, mushy and in need of protein. I don’t plan to do “scheduled” protein treatments. Rather, I’m just going to listen to my hair and I’m guessing now that I might be doing the 2 minute keratin treatment every 2-3 weeks (as that is a protein treatment that washes out) and the 2 step every 6-8 weeks. But, if my hair doesn’t seem like it needs it, I won’t do one until it does. I don’t want to cause protein overload as that is harder to correct than over-conditioned hair. From what I’ve read, you can usually correct over-conditioned hair with one protein treatment. But protein overloaded hair can take several moisturizing DCs to correct.


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