The Best Laid Plans


Well, not really. I only kinda sorta planned to wash my hair this weekend. You see, although my scalp is in serious need of a washing, you can’t tell and my hair still looks halfway decent! So, when push came to shove, I opted to do nothing on Saturday afternoon and, on Sunday, to finally fold the two mountains of clothes in laundry baskets and put them away with the two stacks of folded cardigans that have been sitting on the loveseat for 3 weeks (yeah, it’s been that bad).

So, that’s why I’ll be rocking a bun to work today. I have an important meeting this Wednesday and am trying to figure out if I should wash it before then or just leave it alone until Thursday. Guess it’ll depend on how it looks and how my scalp feels over the next couple of days. My scalp isn’t itchy, but I do have some “build-up,” which isn’t typical for me. I’m not sure what the cause is though. Maybe it’s because I only oiled my scalp once and it’s dead skin cells due to dryness? Anywho, I definitely want to wash it before the weekend as a good scalp scrubbing shampoo is looking good right about now.

On another note, here is a LOTD from last week. I LOVE tie-neck blouses, especially printed ones as I am a fan of layering them under vests, sweaters (short and long-sleeved) and blazers. Here, I’ve layered a sheer floral print, grey, baby blue, navy blue and deep plum tie-neck blouse under a deep plum short-sleeved wrap sweater. I don’t remember where I got the blouse, but probably Marshall’s, and I believe the sweater is from Old Navy. Then, I broke out a pair of staple black, wide leg pants and accessorized with a matching pin and clip-on earrings set I got from my local Goodwill. The baby blue of the “berries” on the pin and earrings picks up the blue in the blouse. Finally, I finished the look with purple, faux suede slouchy ankle boots (Sami by Dollhouse) that I got from MJM a couple of seasons ago.

Now, the thing is, though I liked this outfit, I really wanted to wear the blouse and sweater with my grey with baby blue pin-striped pencil skirt (Marshall’s) and grey patent leather peep-toes (Nine West). Buuuuut, I still don’t have any nude hose!!! So, I couldn’t. But, I took a few pictures to show you what I would have worn with the proper leg wear!


What did you do with your hair this weekend?


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  1. Shelli I love your LOTD you are really good at layering. As for my weekend I worked this entire weekend which led to pure exhaustion and my plans for washing my hair went out the window. Hopefully today I’ll be able to get my wash in.


  2. Very cute outfit and I really like those grey pumps! This weekend I took out my yarn braids, mud washed, did a henna+indigo treatment, and two strand twisted my hair. The results are awesome! I’m rocking a very defined twist out this morning. I didn’t realize how much I missed my hair.


  3. I washed late last night and had no time for a DC with heat so I did a wash in wash/out with WEN cleansing conditioner and conditioning balm. I washed in 8 braids and the result was great. I’d forgotten how WEN totally melted out tangles. Anyway, I did the rope twists but I don’t like them. Not because they aren’t holding but because my hair is very puny looking. Maybe I did them too small but I don’t like how sparce my hair looks. I’m seriously considering cutting the longest length of my hair up to the shortest which will leave me with about 10 inch hair. I’m not happy about that but these two lengths makes my hair look very thing when I wear it out. My own salvation is to always wear my hair up until the length catches up. I don’t know what to do. On the one hand I know I’ll miss the long section but on the other I don’t like how sparce it looks. This bottom length is growing very fast and the portion from the crown down is much slower.


  4. Love updated classics like this. Those boots are made for strutting! Okay, so I braided my hair in medium-sized box braids. I’m aiming for 4 weeks of protective styling. We’ll see.


  5. Honey my hair takes the backseat to mountains of clothes on my love seat almost every weekend LOL!!! Now granted I was pretty much sick all last week but my poor head is just not my main priority like it use to be when I had more free time…. But I am feelin both outfits!!!! And those gray shoes are the business


  6. Shelli you look fabulous! I’m happy that you did not wash your hair after the first week of getting your hair straightened. Way to go! First of all you lost alot of weight don’t get too skinny. Love the two week old hair and the fierce outfit and shoes.

    Elude Lisa


  7. Aww, thanks ladies!! Miss Leah, you know my actual hair often takes the backseat to this blog … everything does!! I need to find balance!! LOL!!

    Michelle, yeah, that’s the thing about Senegalese twists, they make the twists thin. That’s why I only use that technique at the root and twist regularly the rest of the length. When I did do a full head of Senegalese once, I wore them up the whole time. I even tried to wet them to see if they would plum …. they did not. But they made that awesome twist out that looked like locks or finger coils!! As to cutting your hair (I saw your post on Chicoro’s wall). Your shorter lengths are not going to catch up to your longer. But, if you take a couple of inches off of the longer length and then get an inch trim every 4 months or so, maybe you can help it start to even out without completely cutting it almost even with the shorter area.


    • so yeah I did it. I cut it 2 inches šŸ˜¦ I wanted to cry but it’s done. I don’t think its perfectly even but it will do for now to get the 2 lengths a little closer to each other. I’m not ever wearing it out now until it grows back šŸ˜¦

      I wasn’t even hoping for my shorter lengths to catch up all the way just to a point where the longer length is and then I’d cut everything back to that length. But oh well its done now and I’m not real happy. I’ll be wearing twisted up-dos indefinitely


  8. Love the booties! My BFF has a serious job interview in the works so we went shopping Saturday. My hair behaved beautifully and i had the cutest up do. I also ended up with 2 pairs of Hunter rain boots (sale) and 2 pairs of work shoes (sale)! How did that happen!? Because I did a 2 minute aphogee protein treatment last week, this weekend was all about moisturizing shampoo, a DC, moisturizing leave in, and my personalized “Erica hair butter”. My week consists of up dos. Of course my hair isn’t acting as cute for work this week as it did slumming around on Saturday (sigh).


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